• I am a Visionary. 

  • I have a profound love and endless hope for humanity.

  • I believe we each have the ability to reach our fullest potential.

  • I believe we each have the ability to love and guide each other there.

  • I am a Vibes Enthusiast. My life is devoted to spreading the awareness and importance of positive vibrations, and the magical science behind it.

  • I'd love if you'd take the time to check out the videos below! 

Bianca Star, Bianca Rose

Thinker & Writer

I have a bank of docs that holds thousands of thoughts I have saved since my teen years. I connect the dots with my thoughts in the present, and write about it through my blog and books

Bianca Star, Bianca Rose


I am a believer in Sound and the positive vibrations it transmits through human beings. I am a huge fan of Reggae. 

"Life is a Beach"

by Deon Rose
My little brother's values on life!
Only takes 6 minutes of your time!

"Still Face Experiment"

To me, this video demonstrates the effects of our energy on people at it's very best. 
Only takes 3 minutes of your time!

Some Background...

I'm no one special so I gotta write my own bio! I am a child of an immaculate upbringing (I like to think so) by my Jamaican-bred parents (just simply feeling loved). My mother, Sherine Rose, is from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica; and my father, Earl Rose, was from St. Ann, Jamaica. He passed away July 19, 2011 from brain cancer. He managed and toured with Reggae artists under Heartbeat Records. He promoted historic Reggae shows in the 2000s, bringing many artists to Boston for the first time. The positive vibrations were instilled in me from early. He is a big factor as to why I am so free-spirited and adventurous: qualities that compel me to live my life.  Dads, you have no idea how much we look up to you, how much you shape us. You show us an example of the love we're supposed to have from every man before we fully understand what love is. Thank you daddy.

My mom continues to reign. She is a female warrior that shows me how much the world can change when you never stop loving your children, when you never stop being there for them in their lowest times, and back it up with action, being there in every way you can. I have experienced what it means to have real, unconditional love.

Both of my parents are known to be givers throughout all environments they find themselves in, from their hometowns in Jamaica to their work and social environments here in Boston. My brother & I are picking up where they left off without truly realizing it until we hit our 20s. We want to continue spreading the positive vibrations. It's natural to us, thanks to all of the love we received from them, so we find no other purpose as important as spreading the love. We've been filled with enough already. 


Cambridge-born and Boston-raised, I attended Mattapan Headstart as a preschooler. From K2 - 8th grade, I went to Boston Renaissance Charter School; a school that noticeably helped shape me into the woman I am today academically and athletically. I still keep all of my trophies proudly. While there I sang on the Voices of Renaissance Choir (we got to sing for Desmond Tutu while I was there, and recently, they song for Obama in the White House) and participated as a young lad in the Junior League of Boston. I played on the track, cheerleading, and flag football team, eventually becoming captain of the last two before graduating in 2005. I got into the prestigious Boston Latin School as a "beezy"  when testing came around and graduated 2009. From there,  with the help of Bottom Line, I went to St. John's University and achieved a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish, with a minor in Criminal Justice. I've held several criminal-related and social justice internships throughout New York City, including the Department of Probation and Department of Buildings. I have been fortunate enough to be apart of wonderful organizations whose mission is geared towards the betterment of the community. This includes Jumpstart, where I completed over 600 community service hours as a Team Leader at two preschools in Jamaica, Queens; and volunteered at different New York Cares locations a few times. I have also attained credits from Boston University, Harvard University, and Quincy College in order to remain productive during my summers back home in Boston while lifeguarding (I saved two lives) for three years, and eventually managed those same DCR pools for three more years before retiring my summers with them. I like to stay busy.

I have lived, studied, worked, and conducted community service in five cities: Boston, Massachusetts; New York City (Queens, SI, and Manhattan); Rome, Italy; Paris, France; and Seville, Spain. I have a house nearby Ocho Rios, Jamaica; very close to where Bob Marley is from.

I had two particular big dreams in life: to start a meaningful non-profit organization that propels women to claim their excellence and to write a book. I have founded a small non-profit organization called The Bold & Beautiful Women Circle. I have also written my first book, The 24-Day Conversation With The Universe. My goal was to get these done by 25 and now that I did, I understand that the sky is the limit. Invested in the future. That’s why there’s to-dos everywhere (now collected in a much more organized way).


I dabble in a lot of things, but I enjoy reading, traveling and improving my well-being. All three keep me evolving. I also really enjoy learning (in general), playing football, dancing, eating out, exploring, and shopping when the time (and the $) is right. 


I am an aesthetician, I think the world is art, there is beauty in everything; and a universalistic hedonist, happiness reigns.

Super random but, my favorite word is reverence. Minimalist, but I prefer quality. I have always been a rebel. I believe in the Rastafarian way of life.

I have dreams of moving to Jamaica and establishing effective nonprofits that can change the conditions of impoverished and crime-heavy communities. I plan to one day get my phD or law degree (depending on well I can balance my energy throughout life) and end my physical life getting deeper and deeper into meditation practices, connecting higher and higher to the Unknown. 

One Love