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Featuring restaurants and bars in the greater Boston area. This is where I was born & raise!


Most memorable vibe

atlanta has the most love I've ever felt amongst black people in a major u.s. city.  I really enjoyed beyond integrated in an environment that appreciates black culture so much. I have a strong feeling mlk being from there (and also still resting in the heart of the city) has something to do with the black magic. 

    The Deets

 When: 2014,  2017

How many times? 2


Route: Plane via Boston


Accommodations: Air B&B, Family

Spending $ for a few days: $400 (food, nightlife, shopping, sites)



Where to Play

      MLK's Childhood Home 

It has always been a dream to go to the house little MLK grew up in! I first learned about this house in a movie called Our Friend, Martin. I have a clear picture of the cartoon version in this house from this very influential movie in my life. It was a dream come true to visit!


      MLK Burial Site

What I love about Atlanta is how easy it is to walk from one significant site of MLK's to another in the matter of minutes, with clear signs and instructions of what's what. Not too far away from the church MLK attended and the house he grew up in is where he and his wife are both buried. I found this to be very special and I did not know he had a burial site like this at all! This is so important as it shows how we value Martin Luther King Jr. I look forward to visiting again in the future.  


Carnival in Atlanta is a super fun experience that happens during Memorial Day Weekend (as of May 2015) and the costumes are cute! They seem to br growing every year! You will find popular entities on the road that you would see at other carnivals (DJs, photographers, promoters, artists, etc.). This is not a bad weekend to make into a quite inexpensive girls trip!