On the journey of becoming your best self,

why not enjoy it? 

Welcome to my world! I am taken aback that so many people, many of whom I don't know, routinely visited my blog for years as a teenager! I started a lifestyle blog around 15/16 years old. Mynameisbiancastar.com reached over 500k views before I decided to transfer all of my work to one site at the age of 26. I write about life on how I see it and how I enjoy it. 

While I'm not trying to cultivate ways of life to make other lives easier and happier, I'm living mine! I love to share my worldly experiences in hopes to encourage the women who are working too much, to live a little, and the women who are living too much, to slow down and give back a little. I think having balance in life means having a little bit of everything you enjoy and everything you do not enjoy (or new ways of life you just weren't familiar with beyond your control).

Before sharing my experiences with you, I'd like to take a deeper look into what it means to me to experience something or someone. Your understanding on human beings and the role you play in each human being encountering is vital to understand from the get-go before you throw yourself into the world; humans can get vicious. This is something that once understood, is instrumental in surviving. Just think about it, the more you're able to connect with others, the more your planting your shoes in your godliness. God can connect with everybody, we are made in the image of Him or Her (or whatever Highest Power you believe in). As human beings, we are here to both teach and  learn. This is balance. The teaching happens when you pass on the good things you know, the learning takes place when you listen to the good things that want to be passed on from others. Make sure you are applying balance to life in every way you can!

Traveling, carnivals and community (and recently self-care), are all passion of mines.  There are things that you have probably thought (or currently think) about doing in life that make you happy; pay attention to them and don't ignore them. What's presented throughout this blog makes me happy. Everybody is different. I believe everybody deserves happiness, including you and I. No one deserves to be left behind. And if you do find yourself unhappy, you should fight for that because we all have a right to be happy. This is what I do to satisfy my happiness. Remember! You have your interests too, develop some attention to them, or simply give them more attention!

I want to reiterate that we all have a right to be happy. And you have the right to do whatever you need to do (morally speaking) to preserve or attain that positivity and happiness. With life and its accompanying struggles, we can easily forget that sometimes. I think there will always be struggles until the day we die. So while on this journey through life where everyday we are habits closer to becoming our best selves, enjoy the journey as best as you can. Why not? One life! Every minute we waste dwelling in negativity, hopelessness, and fear, we are letting life slip by. Time is on our side but not when we are not present. And for that reason  we preach, MORE LIFE!