The beginning of my professional writing career coincided with my search for truth, that begin for me at age 23. At that age, it was obvious that there was more  to life than what the media was showing me. I didn't know where else to start but to look within myself first.  After I became more involved in the church and baptized myself and still wasn't feeling fulfilled, I soon begin to realize that we are in a universe with an infinite amount of knowledge, and we could never know everything, but as we learn new things we grow. I've been stuck in this world ever since, never being bored with so much out there to understand. At age 26, I later realized (after going on a spiritual retreat in Hawaii called Quepasana), that my search for truth started off similar to the Buddha's.  


24 Day Conversation With The Universe

 The 24-Day Conversation With The Universe is a piece of work designed for those that feel lost in a world full of distractions, while trying to embark on the evolutionary journey of reaching our fullest potential. For 24 days, Bianca has a conversation with the Universe. She needs some answers, and she believes the Universe has the answers she needs to get to where she wants to be. In order for her to have this conversation, she needs to give the Universe Its full respect, and acknowledge that no entity is as powerful as It.

This book is about being present. 



We were told that centuries ago, we were put on the island of Jamaica by the Europeans, because we were too "unruly".   
Fast forward to centuries later, descendant of Jamaican immigrants, Bianca Rose, takes a deeper look into one of the world's most influential people and its byproducts: the Jamaican people. She observes the role things like Rastafarianism, religion, Reggae, and sports particularly has on other groups of people all around the world outside of the tiny island. I take a deeper look into language, sound, dance, freedom fights amongst other forms of vibrations and the effect these things have on human evolution. 
 Bianca traces her roots as far back as Ghana, Nigeria, and the other places in Africa particular groups of people that were brought to Jamaica relocated from. We study other variations of the Jamaican culture, from the people (Maroons, Rastafarians) to their characteristics, to their predominant ways of living life. She uses research and other evidence-based methods to discover patterns Jamaicans have had since time, in order to uncover a formula that can be applied in different environments since gaining a new understanding on human energy, especially those environments that struggle with racism. Growing up as a Jamaican-American provided a unique experience for the author, as she often felt like she was experiencing two different dimensions. The experience of love, respect, and unity amongst different races in Jamaica led Bianca to embark on this project early 2016. There was an intellectual hunt to get one question answered: how can we, black and white people, unite as one, all around the world? “Fearless: A Dissection of Jamaican Spirituality” is my educated opinion on how Jamaicans contribute to the world's evolution and brings its strengths to the world stage. It encourages readers from other cultures to also start to take re-dissover and share their own native country's powers, so we can potentially, collectively bring back the world to a peaceful balance. We also touch on the cons: most notably crime, homophobia, and more ongoing issues that still require undivided attention, in hopes of opening up the consciences of Jamaicans that devalue the vibe, as the majority of the population continue to add immense value to this very magical island.
Fearless: A Dissection of Jamaican Spirituality


24-Day Conversation With The Universe
24-Day Conversation With The Universe

Book Signing: March 12, 2016

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24-Day Conversation With The Universe


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