Here I share my Top 10 ways of practicing self-care!


I turned down a full scholarship just to be able to live in I could travel for cheaper. The travel goals were real.


As important as it is to take care of yourself, we have a moral responsibility to do what is in our capability for others.


I was 19 when my father passed away, fresh out of high school. As a young woman, a life lesson hit me hard after: we really only have one life to live! 



  1. Natural law

  2. Personal satisfaction

  3. Karma



How do you serve your community? For some, that may mean being able to help others financially. For others, that may be saying a pleasant
"Hi!" to someone to brighten up their day. Some go as far as starting or joining community initiatives (as I did) depending on how serious you are about your service.

We must initiate and reciprocate acts of kindness, it keeps the world going around, and soon you will see that it not only elevates you and makes you feel good internally, but it does the same for the others you are helping. Serving the community brings balance to your life baby!

I believe community service is a form of self-care that reminds you of your purpose. During mentally low times, it is the perfect antidote. 

How can you be the best human you could possibly be in this very moment right now? To yourself, if you're alone? To others, if you're not? Do you invest your time in others less fortunate than you? If not, are you putting time into bettering relationships at home or work? If not, then what are you doing? These are the questions I started asking myself at a young age. I kindly challenge you, if you aren't already, to find something nice you'd like to do for your community and create an initiative out of it. I genuinely believe if every human being contributed their to time to their community in their own unique way, the world would be a different world than what we see today. I can't say better or worst because I'm not a psychic, but my intuition tells me things would be different. As you can see, there's so much we can do (and yeah, we can both live our best lives and give a little time to the community when life permits )! Get in flow from now baby. I believe this is really a life commitment each of us who have been blessed to experience life should already be exercising. 


Americorps, New York Cares and Women's Lunch Place are three of the most awesome experiences I've had with volunteering. NYC Cares especially, serves as a platform for a world of different community service opportunities throughout each borough. We should have a system like this in every city! 

The process is really easy when trying to volunteer with New York Cares: 1) Go to their site: 2) Sign up 3) You'll have to pick a day for orientation, most convenient for you from the dates offered (mandatory before being allowed to volunteer for projects which I think creates a family in NYC) 4) After orientation, they'll enable your ability to start adding projects (on the site, under your account) that you want to add to your profile. Take advantage if you ever want to volunteer in NYC!

"Begin To Dream Again" 2015 Charity Event
The BBW Circle 2015 Winter Soirée

Founder of

The Bold & Beautiful Women Circle​

I believe the act of serving the community resurfaces a familiar kind, progressive and non-competitive nature to women once in action, and most importantly reminds one's own self how purposeful and powerful we are on our own. Serving others could never not be a cool thing. We vow to make an example to young women around us; we can still live our lives while still taking time to dedicate our free time to  to serve the greater good. Magical things happen.


The concept of The Bold & Beautiful Women Circle came about while I was a student studying abroad in Sevilla Spain, 2013. Studying abroad allowed more time for me, a 21-year old from Boston, to personally reflect on what was going on with my relationships back at home. Tensions between a best friend was palpable even from afar, and I feared I had no control on its direction anymore. An abrupt end was almost inevitable. Shortly after returning home, it all ended after an embarrassing meltdown. I did not know and never found out what was wrong, though I did do my part of reaching out to help restore some dignity and promise myself to be more aware of parts I may play in someone’s unhappiness.  

The only clear step to finding the solution for me was a, “let’s talk about it”. Communication is important to me. One of the women I approached with the idea was Chrystian Dennis, now a co-founder, and several other friends who helped to start the movement. Those of us who were passionate about it were made board members to get things started. The Bold & Beautiful Women Circle was created in March 2014, following my return from studying abroad that past December. Programs were created to foster growth in different areas: Community Service (creating a network of women that serve their community), Team Building (structured girl talks), The Book Club (reading self-empowering books), Play & Parley Night (encouraging women to exercise creativity and entrepreneurship). We want to ignite our community into reconsidering its standards and view of what the modern-day "cool" image could look like for women today, community should be apart of the cool factor. 

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