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Puerto Rico

Most memorable vibe


the people



    The Deets

 When: 2011, 2016, 2016

How many times? Three


Route: Plane

Spending $ for a day: $100 (food, shopping, sites)



The Rundown

Puerto Rico is home away from home! I love the Puerto Rican vibes and to me, this Spanish island is the most diverse out of all the islands I've been to so far. I love how open they are to the different cultures of the world! It's the only Spanish island I've been to the most thus far!

My first time going was for Valentine's Day Weekend in 2011 by myself. I was trying to keep up with a tradition of traveling for self-care on Valentine's Day, that I started in Cancun the year before (and sadly it ended on this Puerto Rico trip). They also have a whole bunch of secret waterfalls that I try to get to every time I visit. There's too much to do for just one trip!

Yokahú Tower
DoubleTree Hilton
DoubleTree Hilton
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