Cont'd... mom being the primary influencer. It took me nearly 26 years to realize how much work my mom put in to keep my brother and I sheltered from the negativity of the real world, and how essential that was to who we are and what we both do today. It took me nearly 26 years to completely understand how fortunate and rich I was. I'm not talking about money-rich, I'm talking love-rich, from my entire family. And there are plenty of us that are missing out on blessings because our ego has not been able to be grateful for the love the universe (ultimately, God) has already been showing us, through many different avenues. The people who have hurt us in the past absolutely need our love and understanding. Our inability to understand certain types of people we tend to judge, doesn't help them (9/10 we find a reason to be or stay mad at these people and that can actually counter their evolution if they are not anchored and in control of their issues. We are too busy trying to compare and quantify how much love (or not) we receive like it weighs more than creating your environment of love right now, making a conscious choice to be in love right now, and what our mind is actually able to conceptualize about love in this very moment. Help me raise the awareness of our universe by simply acknowledging all of the love you have received in your life until the very moment of reading this, noticing how the rest of the world has lost control of this part of their mind, and having nothing in your heart but empathy for the rest of your life while as you evolve into who you want to be in this lifetime; spreading that vibe by being that vibe in your own environment. People around you will not start doing it until you start doing  it (unless someones already been doing it and you haven't been present to notice it until now). The higher in consciousness we are has human beings, and the closer we are in proximity, the higher of a positive impact we will be able to make in our environment together as One. 

I am where I am now because of my past intentions. As a teen, I became interested in why people simply treat each other badly. I wondered why people purposefully try to make others feel bad. Why put out the bad vibes? As that journey took off in my head, I was able to create a different reality for myself than others around me. There were things I was absolutely not willing to tolerate, and experiences in life I absolutely was not going to allow anyone to make me miss, because of the growing understandings I had on the world -- that attitude was basically was, "Time is ticking. Do you." It didn't take long for my quest on understanding the psychology behind human beings to begin. I then became interested in understanding why  people treat others the way they do, as mentioned above, but without a real conscious state of knowing that they're doing it? How do you get to common ground from two different worlds of understanding: "I am owed everything, he/she is doing this because they have to" and "I am not owed anything from anybody" and "he/she is doing this from the kindness of their heart".  I soon began to realize that the questions I was asking myself and the reasoning that resulted, didn't just apply to people in my immediate surroundings that led me on this life expedition, but it applied to the entire world. This was happening to everybody, everywhere. As a result of all of this thinking, the platforms I have created stem from processed and strategical thinking of how to knock consciousness back into reality (my work in books, music, the community). 


I rebelled as a teenager and I had some unfavorable experiences that forced me to have reality checks early in life. My mom may have shielded us from a lot, but she couldn't protect us from everything, all the "bad" out there, including people (or rather, those who made poor decisions), and she couldn't protect us from people that made us mad or sad, purposefully or subconsciously. Her method was always to love, not to fight (physically), it was rough at certain parts of my life where it was harder to apply that mentality (she is much stronger than me). My mom tried her best, but I also had to learn a lot on my own; to understand that people are going to be people and there's nothing you can do about it but to do you, and be the example of how you would want people to treat you. To also get to a point where you're unbothered by the things people will try to do or say to hurt you so you can be able to be strong for the world, and continue evolving. It's the most important job for human beings, first (we forget that though). You succumbing to negative behavior helps no one, it's not a healthy survival mechanism for human beings, at all, quite the opposite; elevating and staying above enables you to lead people higher, including the ones that consciously (or subconsciously) try to hurt you. Just take a look around, it's the hardest thing for people to do, but some of us have to do it. And I see no better way to live my life, than to share the ups and downs as I'm going through it so another human being on this life plight could use it as a tool, especially after I conquer each obstacle I face.

Because of that foundation my parents created, I was able to blossom with little-to-no struggle, and I am still reaping off my mom's consistent efforts of 26 years with lessons I can't forget. Now as an adult, living away from my mom, I am forced to further create and build my own foundation of love as an adult living on my own, and I want to share my journey as it might help some that find themselves as lost as me sometimes. I will do what it takes, all the inner work asked of me, to make sure I and my loved ones are at peace. I'm a fighter for love, and I am just one of the universe's goddess-warriors. As a goddess, I only get in warrior mode to protect the frequency I'm on, to protect the positive vibes that people relentlessly put in work for. I have absolutely no tolerance for those that don't put in an effort to having an open and positive attitude since we were all born with the ability to. As I age, the tolerance decreases. I am just one of these people in the world that takes defending love very seriously, and will prove it through action.    


I am not waiting for a big win or turning point in my life to share my growing experiences with people. I've never been like that. It is important to me to share my mistakes and grow and encourage people to be their best selves as it happens. I even understand the peaceful people that recluse into their own world because they don't want to deal with people who haven't been able to gain control of their issues and put out negative attitudes to further worsen the situation for themselves, especially as I get older and you realize you only have one life. I totally get it. Protect your happiness at all costs. But there is a higher level (that takes a lot more courageous & solo inner work) we can reach where we can still be good to people while going through life's issues, and not at the expense of oneself where self-care isn't a priority. This is attainable. 

I see no purposeful way to live my life than to live my life, of course; but to share my struggles and how I’ve overcome them so others may climb as I climb. May we all rise together and re-direct generational habits that have kept us and those before us from prospering in the best way that we can. There’s really nothing better to do in a world where everybody’s trying to be somebody, than to be purposeful in your everyday actions, no conditions. Many find themselves lost and stay lost until their physical selves depart from here, even with all the riches in the world. Many people don't get to reach that core understanding; that being good to people, at the bare minimum, is all the richness we need. to feel and have. My definition of being good to people is being the best that I can be so I can have the confidence I need to set an example, while being honest about my falls along the way, and manifesting positive energy into others lives without forcing it after doing it for myself, first, without being judgmental, and without disrupting their life journey. The most powerful thing you can do in life is to be purposefully good in my eyes, and there's many ways that can be done. If you can help someone or something feel good about themselves right now, about their past and their future, you're purposeful. I discovered this some time around my father's death from brain cancer, and remember the thoughts I had back then almost 10 years ago (2011). I knew that I was always a go-getter and could achieve anything I wanted academically, then I brought in the challenge of living my life to the fullest. Around age 19, I started saving my money to go on solo-trips (hiding some of those trips from my mom so she couldn't influence me not), and then I brought in the challenge of being good to people 24/7. That's where my love for the community started. I made a promise to God, who I definitely didn't know as well back then as I do now (and I still feel like I don't). Shortly after, I got baptized, and I confidently believe I have kept my word to God since. I was ahead of other people my age with some of the things I was already doing socially and independently, but this new way of thinking, I saw how I could start a trend, and beyond that put it in God's favor, and contribute to the evolution of my everyday environment. I basically thought, "I'm already cool in people's eyes, and these things that I'm doing are effortless to me, I could just take it to the next level and make community cool too". And I'd love it. And people will see that I love it. They will follow suit because they'd soon understand being good to people is the highest level achievable, and the actions are felt most by those who are witnesses of the actions and results. What you have, where you have been, who you know, are just secondary to your everyday actions to people and your community. 

I am here to not only share my learning experiences, but the good as well, hopefully influencing enough people to become the kings and queens we need to be to continue what so many greats before us (who got this formula down already) have started, or even start a new generation of everlasting peace and love. I wanted to focus on my very own environment though. My "Books" and the "Theories & Beliefs" sections elaborate on difficulties in the growing process. My blog shares the different life habits that keep me going and happy, that keep me in better moods that I need to tackle the challenges life will always bring. "Sound" is for music lovers; my musical projects reflect some form of positive vibration with a message. My very small travel agency, Take on Jamaica, provides anyone with a passport an affordable escape to another world where people are operating on a higher level, especially in the Rasta & Maroon territory. I believe their frequency of positive vibrations are so powerful that they are able to reach those a million miles away, but of course those most close to them reap the immediate benefits. 

This website itself is a manifestation of what I have been planning and working on for almost 5 years. Having this website up satisfies a very deep part of my soul, knowing that these different sources of positive vibrations are available for anyone's and everyone's convenience, even while I'm sleeping, was a very big goal of mine, and a huge part of me fulfilling my happiness. I feel rich when I make my thoughts into something, and something purposeful for others outside of myself. Because I have to actually live my life in order for this whole work of mine to be credible, I don’t always have time to post about every single thing, you won't see me making special appearances anywhere, you won't see me putting critical work into marketing myself all the time, you won't see me doing a lot, and I do apologize because I realize how much more people can benefit from this information. However, if you know about this site, consider it a blessing and one of the best kept secrets. Enjoy. Pass the word on. One love.