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Most memorable vibe

THE intricate details of the Duomo

the pasta

    The Deets

 When: 2012

How many times? Once


Route: Trenitalia

Spending $ for a day: $150 at minimum (food, shopping, sites)



Where to Play

The Rundown

"Florence was a quick trip with my girl Brenda! Our only goal was to see Michelangelo's Statue of David. Upon stumbling (not really) through Florence, we encountered the JAW-DROPPING, EYE-POPPING Duomo, or The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. It was amazing. I remember telling Brenda, "what is that? That has to be something!" Never mind the dozens of tourists surrounding the beautiful piece of architecture. It was like God painted a picture and placed it in the middle of Florence. The picture still makes it look surreal. Imagine it in person.


It was time to rome...but not in Rome this time lol.  

Gelato! If it's there, I'm getting it. Obsession.

A kiss from Cupid! I believe there was relevance between Cupid and Florence but I do not recall (perks of writing blog posts over a year later). 

And finally what we've all been waiting for, David! If I recall correctly, it cost 25 Euros to walk into this museum with David (a bit expensive when you consider how it costs to see other works). On top of that, we were not allowed to take pictures but managed to do so cunningly lol. There was no way you're making me pay so much money and I can't take a picture? Are you out of your mind! I need evidence that I was heah!

To end off the perfect day, we took in a classic lunch/dinner of a local restaurant by the Duomo. Pasta! Better yet Spaghetti as we Americans call it. I still remember how GOOD this one tasted. 

If I'm ever in Italy for a long period of time again, I will definitely go out of my way to visit Florence. Beautiful place."


"My list for Milan was small. One of the main things I wanted to see, however, was not seen (by me, at least). I wanted to see Da Vinci's The Last Supper in Santa Maria delle Grazie. Not only was the church closed (yes it's in a church, very common for artwork in Europe), but you have to make an appointment monthsssss in advance. I was PISSED, and I was ready to pay the 25 euros. In Paris, you get to visit almost every museum for free or a discounted price if you're a student. I saw the Mona Lisa, the number one painting in the world, for FREE...more than once. I don't even think it was more than 20 euros regularly priced if I did have to pay to get in the Lourve; and that would be to see HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of art pieces. I already have plans to come back and shop when I'm super rich, so if that works out, I will be back. *rolls eyes*

And of course, the number one thing to do on my list was to see the Cathedral. I didn't go inside because I only wanted to see it in its enormity. I had enough of cathedrals by this point. Beautiful. Jaw-dropping. Star-striking! This was my first and last thing to see in Milan. I wanted that "seen through my hands with one eye" picture of the Cathedral in my memory forever."

Statue of David
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