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Featuring restaurants and bars in the greater Boston area. This is where I was born & raise!

New Jersey

Most memorable vibe

Atlantic City's LOCATION

    The Deets

 When: 2012, 2013, 2014

How many times? Three times


Route: Bus

Spending $ for a couple days: $300 (food, sites, transportation)



Where to Play

     Atlantic City


Atlantic City is a hit or miss for some people, but I'm overall appreciative for this little Vegas (seriously a little Vegas, it's right next to the hood too, just on a smaller scale). Once you're on the actual property, it feels like you're in Vegas, and the Boardwalk vibes in the summertime are unforgettable! There's a vibe to it for us East coasters! There was a small Atlantic City Carnival one year that I participated in too! It's always an unforgettable experience in AC!

mountain creek resort


I went skiing for the first time and it was awesome! Mountain Creek is a known spot in Vernon, Jersey!