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Featuring restaurants and bars in the greater Boston area. This is where I was born & raise!


Most memorable vibe



    The Deets

 When: 2017, 2017

How many times? Once


Route: Plane

Spending $ for a day: $250 (food, sites, transportation)



Where to Play

     waikiki beach

Separate from a silent retreat I did in Maui on a separate trip, I took a family trip with mom and bro to Hawaii and spent most of our time on Waikiki Beach -- the spot to be at when in Honolulu! My brother and I spent most of our time there and you really can't complain with the beautiful sights of the sea, and the people sunbathing and engaging in water sports all throughout the beach. I had to make sure I went surfing! Not too far form the bech are dozens of luxury retail shops amongst other types of stores.

Diamond Head


Diamond Head is a national state monument in Honolulu that is actually the cone of a volcano. My brother and I climbed up to the top to see the breathtaking views of Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean! BE PREPARED FOR A CLIMB!

Pearl Harbor


The weight here is heavy. Despite the atrocities that happened, this site is very beautiful and powerful to me. I made sure I took a moment to pay my respects to all of the fallen soldiers. The museum really does a great job telling the story, from both sides. It's very interesting. Sensitive environment.