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"First of all, this is my first time ever going to London. It has always been a goal/dream, not just because of Spice Girls and The Parent Trap (one of my favorite movies of all time), but because I have countless family members there that I have never met, the old and young. It was a short 4-day weekend, because I had to be back in Rome for my first classes, so I had limited time to do everything I wanted to do. That included visiting as many family members as I could, visiting all the tourist attractions I had on my list (since ever), and to experience the Reggae nightlife I always heard about. Not to jump the gun, but I experienced everything I wanted AND more!


So I left London with a British accent! I always loved the accent but being with my cousins all day helped me perfect it. I miss this place so much and it surely will not be my last time back, even if I don't get to go back this semester. Did I mention that I got NOOOO sleep whatsoever? I probably got 8 hours within the 4 days. Janine and I went HARD! At a point I thought I was going to die. I was having spasms on the train every time I fell asleep. If I drank one more Red Bull I would've had a heart attack, God forbid. My only option was to just hang in there! Yes, London is that deep. Well, I have been enjoying myself WAY too much in Rome also and haven't been sleeping, especially because I haven't adjusted to the European time yet. Maybe that contributed. But anywho! This post isn't even enough to explain how much fun I had! Family, Jamaican food, attractions, Jamaican food, carnival, what else does a girl need in her life? Well, a good man but that's a different story "init"? Lol. Hope you all enjoyed this, and most of all I hope I influenced you into one day visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world."

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"Sunday was the day to visit all the attractions I always dreamed of! Have you ever watched The Parent Trap? If you haven't, then you didn't have a childhood. -_- seriously. The London scenes ALWAYS made me so happy (that movie does period), so I always wanted to go to the places Lindsay went to. Seeing a telephone booth, London Bridge, the bridge where the London 2012 Olympics rings were (where the Paralympic rings now are), going on a double-decker bus, visiting Buckingham Palace, taking a picture with a guard, Westminster Abbey (where Prince William and Kate married), Big Ben, House of Parliament, London's Eye (ferris wheel), Piccadilly Circus, the Olympic Stadium, EVERY FREAKING THING! There is nothing that I didn't see that I wanted to see, and that's all thanks to my wonderful cousin Janine. Love that girl for going out of her way to make sure I was satisfied. She knows I'd do the same for her whenever she comes back to the States again.

Enjoy these pictures! I surely did enjoy this whole day. Unforgettable. And yes, it is possible to SEE all of these things in one day!"





London Double-Decker
London Double-Decker
London Double-Decker
Red Telephone Box
Big Ben
Buckingham Palace
The Queens' Guards
The Queens' Guards
London Eye
Piccadilly Circus
Olympic Stadium
The Jamaican Flag
Piccadilly Circus
Westminister Abbey
London Taxi
London Bridge
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       Spotlight:  Visitng Family!



"I stayed at my lovely cousin's, Janine's, house. Her and her mom already visited us in the States before as well as other cousins and uncles from London! The next day was family day! I planned to visit all family possible. I finally, finally met one of my granduncles that my grandmother always talks about! He automatically became a favorite because he gave me so much pounds that I didn't have to go to the ATM to withdraw money for the weekend (which I was going to do later that day). I was so shocked and happy, I'm like, I NEED to stay in London LOL! He was awesome. As soon as I reached there, he called my grandma in Jamaica and they were both so happy that I was there! He said how beautiful I was and how much my grandma talks about me (in Europe this is very common, and I love it, no man is afraid to tell you how beautiful you are without hitting on you). I plan to meet my other granduncle there if there's a next time, because I heard he was just as nice and funny! I don't know if it's a family thing or European thing, but every house I went to they were so hospitable. Uncle Eli served me soup, food, drinks, everything. Actually he demanded it! My mother is the same way but I don't find that common in America (must be a Jamaican or European thing). Family is so important to me. Those who are close to me know this. I felt so accomplished after finally meeting Uncle Eli! I also met two very flamboyant aunts with no kids. The way they talked and kept telling me to live life, while looking at their jewelry and hearing the genuineness in their voices, I'm thinking to myself, "I don't know what else I could possibly do to live life because I go pretty hard, but I MUST find more ways" lol! They inspired me so much! A great time at Uncle Eli's, and meeting my twin aunts. Before carnival, another cousin whom I have never met orchestrated a breakfast date at her house for me. Oh, how lovely and London-y it was. It was truly an English, classy breakfast and I'm so glad I met her. I got further introduced to more family. I found out Lorna, my cousin who's house we are in in this picture, starred in the Lion King play in Paris, as well as possessing other accomplishments. Her daughter is on the same route, though unfortunately I didn't get to meet her. I'm glad we spoke on the phone though!"

Food & Nightlife

"Saturday night, it was time to experience this Reggae nightlife I was always hearing about! We went to the famous 02 Arena (commonly known as the Millennium) where there seems to be a huge set of clubs all around the arena (very cool) set to satisfy the needs of people from all different types of cultures. I love the diversity in London. I had a BLAST! The vibes was nice and Janine and I enjoyed ourselves until it was over! I even found that this type of afro, type-African (Afrobeats), music is VERY popular in the UK, and it surely is not in America or Jamaica (or I'm not in the right spaces)! It was pretty cool to see EVERYBODY vibe to this type of music.


I didn't really try too many foods and, London honestly reminded me of Boston, I felt like I was at home so operated like I was at home. Before my Sunday started, I got Jamaican food from Cool Breeze! Well I've been getting food from my aunt, of course, but it was my first time having OPTIONS."

Some Reggae Club
Notting Hill Carnival
Cool Breezes
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