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Featuring restaurants and bars in the greater Boston area. This is where I was born & raise!

San Diego

Most memorable vibe



    The Deets

 When: 2018

How many times? Once


Route: Plane

Spending $ for a couple days: $350 (food, sites, transportation)



Where to Play

     road tripping! 


This was one of my favorite trips ever! One because of the good soul/vibes I was traveling with and two because of the adventure we went on together! I have never really been on a road trip with friends before so this was exciting. We flew into Phoenix, checked into our Air B&B, rented a car, and off we were to the Canyons!

Antelope Canyon 


This might look like a familiar screensaver to you, I get that all the time! The Antelope Canyon was one of those surprises that I did not find out about until my friend told me about it. This is owned by the Navajos and they do a splendid job of persevering the reservation and welcoming visitors. They give excellent tours explaining the history, showing mysterious things like dinosaur footprints and parts of the canyon that look like animals! Unlike the Horseshoe, we had to pay about $25 USD, but it was well worth it after you realize what you get on the tour (nothing tangible) and the cause it goes towards! Native Americans have complete ownership of this and that is lovely.

Horseshoe bend

GRAND Canyon 


Want a cool and FREE place to see the amazing never-ending Grand Canyon? Visit the Horseshoe Bend part, you won't be disappointed! This is conveniently just about 25-40 minutes away from Antelope Canyon!

We had cool surprises occur like being given this free ticket by our Air B&B host for entry into the Grand Canyon (if we chose to go to the Rims where you have to pay)! The vibes were on point!!