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"Such a small beautiful island! My mother and I visited the island for a few days. Needless to say, it reminds me of Jamaica, but the small island has its own friendly culture that attracts visitors to come back! During our stay here, we stayed at a lovely guesthouse that I highly recommend. One, because Debra is amazing and you'll see the reviews on Trip Advisor. Two, because it's only 5 minutes away fro m the airport, if that. Three, because it's perfectly in between Castries and Soufriere, the two largest towns in St. Lucia. We stayed in Vieux Fort. Castries, is the capital, we're all the hustle and bustle is on the north of the island. Soufrire is on the west coast, where all the beautiful, natural attractions are.

 All in all, I had a great time on this island. Very relaxing. I got lots of sleep and personal time to read a current book I'm reading "Ishmael", and to write for an upcoming book I'm putting out soon. The only thing I wish I did was experience the mud bath; definitely recommend doing this along with the volcanoes (where you can have a mud bath), Botanical Gardens (where you can also have a mud bath) and waterfalls (there are actually a few). However, St. Lucia does have a carnival that I've always wanted to go to. So I will be back FOR sure. Awesome time in St. Lucia! A sweet island with very kind people."



"My mom and I chose to live how the locals do, which is always the best way to me. Not only did we save money, but we got to experience things that tourists don't really get to, particularly having the frequent interaction of the St. Lucian people and their friendliness. 


In Sourfriere, we visited the island's number one (and must-go) attraction: the volcano. It was very cheap, no more than $10 USD (I forgot how much in EC). This price includes a tour guide that gives you brief history and facts about the volcano. It lasted about 20 minutes. It was great! We also purchased soap here, some organically made from the volcanic mud. 


Climbed down to a section of this volcano just to feel the 115F water!

Shortly after, I wanted to go to a waterfall. I was told of the Botanical Gardens, which is also a favorite on the island for visitors, but I wasn't interested in the muddy waterfall (that is very good for your skin by the way). I instead visited Toraille Waterfall which wa more private and only cost $3 USD to get in. No regrets with this one."




The Aftermath by Ricky George
Bridge Street
Toraille Waterfall
Toraille Waterfall
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"My mom really made breakfast for the entire guesthouse lol. This woman. The whole time in the island she end up making friends, as always. I'm already expecting some St. Lucians, specifically the owner of the guesthouse and a woman who kindly took time away from her job as a guide to show us around privately, to visit us in Boston next year. 

I recently turned a pescetarian and enjoyed this vegetable roti!


We shopped at the local supermarket and my mom cooked while at the guesthouse. Of course I had to find Grace Pepper Sauce lol (and Ting). I also enjoyed the St. Lucian beer, Piton!"

Veggie Fritter Sandwich
Saltfish & Veggies
Saltfish & Veggies
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