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Featuring restaurants and bars in the greater Boston area. This is where I was born & raise!

Washington D.C.

Most memorable vibe


    The Deets

 When: 2008, 2012, 2018

How many times? 3+ times


Route: Plane, Car, MegaBus

Spending $ for a few days: $300 (food, shopping, sites)



DC is a place you have to visit more than once because there are so many important sources of history here. Also not pictured here but worth mentioning are both The Holocaust Museum that does an excellent job highlighting WWII's atrocities (have tissues prepared) and the Newseum, giving us a pretty cool new feel of a new type of museum that highlights history in its own creative way.

Where to Play


A beauty that came about while Obama was in power, a very important gem!


      & MONUMENT

The more I age, the more I learn about historic landmarks in America and the types of people that they were named after or have some relation to. Over the years I become less interested overall finding most have some trace to slavery. However, I appreciate architecture and cool, beautiful structures overall, Washington Monument is one of them!

National Museum of African American 

History and Culture

My brother & I vow to go back to this magical place at least once every year. A place that provides everything that you need to know about African-American history dating passed slavery. I don't want to spoil it (warning: don't watch the snippet of an influential part of the museum below, you will not like me). 

White House

I've been to the big house a few times. I took a tour of the White House with my Facing History class in high school when George Bush was in office. I went back to see President Obama's 2nd InAuguration, and I went back again with President Trump in office (seen below). The decor inside and outside remain classic overtime.


Lincoln Statue

The statue is freaking HUGE!

Pictures with the actual statue?

I was looking for them too! -_-



Georgetown instantly reminded me of the Copley area in Boston, but with.a lot more options like Soho in New York City. From restaurants, shopping to sites, they have it all. This is a place to experience. 

          National Museum of             Portraits

Fortunately my brother & I planned to visit DC a day after these portraits were released for the public at this awesome museum. D.C. really has it going on with these museums!

Where to Eat

National Press Club, The Fourth Estate

My brother and I make it a habit to research and dine at must-eat spots whenever we travel together! It's an easy way to make sure you check out what's hot and what's not!

Obama's 2nd Inauguration 

Below is a blog post extracted from an old blog of mines lol. 


"It was a brand new year and the semester just started! LITERALLY. The same day my mom and I moved me into Manhattan was the same day it was time to hit the road to DC. My cousins/friends and I decided to all meet up in DC for Obama's 2nd Inauguration. Deney and Sheema left from Miami and Sherice and I left from NYC. Unfortunately, we arrived to my cousin's family household -- a Ravens-run household (anti-Patriots). The Ravens ended up beating the Patriots in the AFC Championships. That was the only bad thing about the DMV experience (lol -- I'm trying so hard not to use LOL in my posts but it's hard when you're me :/). Her family welcomed us with so much warmth. We were fed, picked up, dropped off; they went over and beyond as hosts. Very appreciative of their hospitality and they inspired me to put a bar into my room too. -_-

We finally met up with Deney and Sheema at Busboys and Poets. And the rest of their friends lol. I really cannot remember if these pictures are laid out chronologically correct (perks of writing a post a year later) but the next day we went sightseeing, of course! That's a must do when in DC considering the fact that it's the capital. We visited the World War II Memorial and for the first time, the MLK Memorial! Quite exciting considering the fact that we visited on MLK day. Considering the fact. Considering the fact. LOL. I also mistakenly led the clan to Jefferson Memorial instead of Lincoln Memorial, thinking that I would remember where to go from previous trips there. But when we got there, and I saw the Greek-like temple with tall columns MILES DIRECTLY ACROSS from us, I go in my head, "OH. MY. FU**ING. GOSH" waiting for someone else to notice. They were so mad, especially cause they're not from the city and aren't used to walking. I thought it was hilarious how disappointed I even was! No one clearly gives a crap about Thomas Jefferson (still hilariousssssss when I think about it --- like we were REALLY upset to see Thomas Jefferson, what did he even do to us?). But seriously, I'm not from DC, so it's not my fault. *flips hair*

A friendly pic with the world's finest! And finally it was time for THE day of the entire weekend: the inauguration. Of course it was completely crowded from one side to the other. We watched a little bit of it from the Washington Monument (we caught the "swearing in") then we headed to the parade to catch a glimpse of Obama! We didn't see him, but we saw his presidential limo and that was realistically enough for me. It still felt incredible to know he drove right passed us. That was it for our trip! It was a short trip since we were only there for the weekend. I really appreciated it not just for being apart of history, but because for once we didn't meet up in NYC, Miami or Jamaica for party purposes. Go us! I love family."

Am I missing a vibe?
Is something outdated?

I have come to understand that it is impossible to go everywhere, I will always miss out on a vibe.

Please help that terrible feeling sink in by sharing what's missing that I have to experience in order to get this full city's vibe! If I ever visit this city again, I'll put it on my list to check out!