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Featuring restaurants and bars in the greater Boston area. This is where I was born & raise!


Most memorable vibe

strolling in the Sobe area (collins AVE) +

jamaican parties (uptown + downtown) 

    The Deets

 When: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017

How many times? 10+


Route: Plane 


Accommodations: Family, Hotel, Air B&B

Spending $ for a few days: $300 (food, nightlife, shopping, sites)



Where to Play


bienvenido a miami, mami! 

My first trip to Miami by myself was at age 18, it was one of the easiest places to travel to with my budget at that age. I decided I wanted to fly to Miami to visit my cousins during carnival time to get the dual benefit of seeing both family and enjoying carnival. Miami is a place that fits all budgets: from rich-broke to actual rich (take it from me -- I won't even tell you which trips were what -- figure it out for yourself and don't be phased by $). From Wet Willies on SoBe to  King of Diamonds on your way back to Fort Lauderdale, there is too much to do. I haven't gotten to enjoy Miami's actual history yet, like museums and public parks (though I think it might have to do with a  lot of drugs). I have always found myself in a party mentality when in Miami so I forget lol. I think that's why I became weary of this city. However, I used to flex and I remember the vibe always felt great! I still visit from time to time and know where to find a good vibe. A lot of things could have changed since the time I took a lot of these pictures: restaurant closures, hotel name changes, you name it, but the vibe kinda remains the same.





This must've been around 2009 or 2010 at Wet Willies, I thought I was hot shit. Clearly, SoBe is popping in the nighttime too, cause a bih was flexing. This spot is just a spot you have to go to because everybody else has lol. But I guess if you're bored in the day time on South Beach and want a free-flowing party vibe, this place is perfect!








CARNIVAL TIME in Miami comes with lots of FETES (parties for my non-West Indians), and some of those are in the South Beach Area. If you are planning to go to any of those parties make sure you hit up any party  by Scorch ! They had one of my favorite parties ever there, DUCK WORK!

Where to Sleep

       You Mean WHERE TO lay your head in miami? there's no such thing as sleep.

First of all, if you have family or friends in Miami and you're on a budget, slash you don't have to deal with the stress of a family member being strict or you not being able to do everything you want (because that's expected; spend your money if that's the case), then take that option! You save money, extra money that you could use for a rental or to simply spend on Uber. I do both depending on the type of trip. I have and still continue to stay with family seeing that I have tons of family in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area. If you do not, there are TOO many options in Miami with competitive prices.I've done every place of abode you can think of; family, friends, Air B&B, quality low-budget hotels, luxury hotels. Be mindful of where you want to stay in Miami. I.E. Most people don't know that South Beach is just a section of Miami Beach, Miami Beach stretches for miles, there's even a Central Beach and North Beach! So if you want to stay close to South Beach where nearly all the action is make sure your destination is clear and thoroughly researched.  Another great example is acknowledging Fort Lauderdale as a neighboring city to Miami that has its own vibe, but close enough to Miami for you to flex there everyday if you have car (Uber will be extremely expensive). There are plenty of dope areas to stay in Miami. Some of the most popular activities I know of is centralized around South Beach. Spring Break in March, Memorial Day Weekend in May, Carnival, Art Basel Week in December, and like only a few places can say in the world, you'll always have find a good time in Miami no matter what time of the year you go. Some times of the year are just more crazy than others! 


Non-City Miami


Miami Hotels

MiamiAir B&Bs


Where to Eat


The Clevelander is another spot you have to go to because you hear about it all the time. With the business, honestly it's hard to tell how great the service is but it wasn't bad! And generally, the South Beach area has many popular restaurants known for different reasons!

Where to Play



Partying in Miami is probably my favorite thing to do in America, after New York. WHY?! As much as I love the Downtown parties, I love Uptown parties and Miami has been the only city to really get that Jamaican vibe right. Uptown is the word for the Jamaican bourgeoisie and the parties are usually off the chain, always worth the money ($$$). You can usually find most of the around the Fort Lauderdale area, not in the actual city of Miami, although times have been changing. These venues usually need acres of land for the amount of people that come. During any holiday weekend you will always find options for these types of parties. You're welcome in advance! 


NYE @ Karu & Y


Scorch's Duck Work


Best of the Best



(that's Floyd Mayweather)