So for those that don't know me, that's probably a good thing, because I freaking put every goal and every travel plan in life on my Mac and I'm aware that it's not normal (OCD with organization and clarity). It took me years to share this revelation. But I'm no longer fearful of being a weirdo.


So below (italicized) is an exact replica of the document I conjured up for my 22nd birthday plans. I decided to do 22 things for my 22nd birthday! Simple. Isn't it? And fun it was! I must share that I did not get a chance to do #s 1 or 5. The Statue of Liberty was closed for months due to one of those bad winter storms (I believe it was Sandy) and I ended up having to keep postponing the pole dancing class. I DID have Breakfast at Tiffany's (#18) and I DID get Jamaican-ratchet (#15) in the boogie down Bronx (didn't get to do the lacefront, prom dress or excessive gold jewelry but I WILL one day - longtime dream of mines). 



22 things in NYC: Mar 1st - Mar 26th

1: Statue of Liberty 
2: Volunteer with New York Cares
3: Hudson River view
4: Skiing
5: Pole Dancing Class
6: Beauty and Essex
7: Nets game 
8: Empire state $25
9: Cafe Habana 
10: MoMA (free 4-8pm Fridays)
    •    Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali, Diego Rivera collection (until May 14, 2012), Frida Kahlo (My Grandparents, Parents, and I AND Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair) 
11: Dean and Deluca 
12: Broadway Show
13: Lavo club
14: 40/40 club (7pm game)
15: Get Jamaican ratchet at a Bronx party: wear prom dress, put on a lot of make up, wear a lot of bling, bruk out with girls
16: Amorino!
17: Prêt A Manger
18: Breakfast at Tiffany's with the girls
19: Central Park walk
20: Chelsea Piers $3 batting cages
21: Gansevoort rooftop - Plunge
22: Gaza

March 4 (Mon) = 1
March 5 (Tue) = 17
March 6 (Wed) = 5
March 8 (Fri) = 10, 4
March 9 (Sat) = 3, 20, 19
March 12 (Tue) = 14
March 13 (Wed) = 12, 15
Mar 16 (Sat) = 2, 16, 8, 11
Mar 18 (Mon) = 
Mar 21 (Thur) = 9
March 25 (Mon) = 21
Mar 26 (Tue) = 18, 6
April 11 (Thurs) = 22

-free museums
-find a lot of free things
-do customary/basic NY things (that might be free)



And I love how I put "free, free, free" in these plans and had no experience of such! I get a high off of taking advantage of free or discounted [quality] things (hence the bargain hunter in me) because I simply end up saving money for things that need to be paid for. Makes sense? I feel like I've conquered the world! This will always be my mentality, regardless if heaps of money happen to swing my way.

On the morning of my actual birthday, I didn't have school but I had my internship to go to. I woke up and felt great since it was my burfffday. My boss got me a piece of red velvet cake (he remembered that I liked it from a previous convo -- I thought that gesture sweet). After work, I got ready for the rest of my day.