• Bianca Rose

Alas, the second book in the works!

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Oh man am I excited about writing long posts in actual books again haha (don’t worry I have been, but sometimes I can’t wait to tell the truth)! Book #2 coming, with more juice!

We have been told that centuries ago, we were left off in the Caribbean by the Europeans while en voyage to the Americas, because we were too "unruly". ​

Fast forward to centuries later, I take a deeper look into one of the world's most powerful influences, music, and the effect it has on people. I observe the role Reggae particularly has on other peoples all over the world. I take a deeper look into particularly word, sound and vibrations and the effect it has on human evolution. 

We take a deeper look not just into Reggae music, but other variations of the Jamaican culture...from the people (Rastafarians, Maroons) to their characteristics, to their predominant ways of living life. We use research and other evidence-based methods to discover patterns Jamaicans have had since time, including interviews with Jamaicans and non-Jamaicans, to uncover the one formula I’ve been researching since a new enlightenment led me to embark on this project early 2016: how can we, black people, unite as one? This project is intended to help the entire African Diaspora already working on uniting us in different ways. “Fearlessness: The Dissection of Jamaican Spirituality” is my educated opinion on how Jamaicans bring positive vibrations to the table on a world stage, explained in detail, encouraging readers from other cultures to share their powers, so we can collectively bring back the world to the balance it once had. We also touch on the cons: most notably homophobia, crime and more ongoing issues that also need undivided attention, in hopes of opening up the consciences of Jamaicans that take away, as another portion continues to add immense value.