• Bianca Rose

Balance! Should be our ONLY goal!

Balance! Should be our ONLY goal as human beings. Although I respect religions and other structures in life that give us direction to the same thing.

I remember one time my therapist told me in the midst of our conversation, "that's what kills these kids nowadays, the mental part of it." She was talking about the new generation of kids running to drugs in lieu of being able to face their issues. And I just couldn't help but to think, "damn, life is really real. People are really dying because they can't take control of their mind."

Balance to me means discovering and exercising responsibilities along with what makes you happy and making sure that it doesn't hurt anyone, including yourself.

We are humans, remember! Although it is tempting to play God when we get too deep into our ego sometimes, we just ain't the Man/Woman. I believe you can reach such a level of unwaveringness as a human being that what people say/do doesn't or rarely bothers you. All the while still being able to operate on a higher level (visibly too). That sounds like something close to God, but never God, Him/Her Self.

Good tools/habits that keep me balanced:

  • Practices with Physical movement (gym, yoga, etc.)

  • Reading

  • Mentors

  • Natal Charts (through various free sources that can be found via any search engine)

  • Headspace/Insight Timer

  • Planners

People will hold what you don't know against you, so you need to know yourself in order to balance your existence (you won't always be right , but knowing what you can/can't tolerate is important to know in the beginning).

3 words I like to remember - balance is everything. Even though I'm ever evolving and have not mastered balance and who knows if I will, I know it's the right thing to always work on based on my progress so far. Too much of one thing is never a good thing! I know we hear that all the time, but did you know you can even die from drinking too much water?