• Bianca Rose

One way to activate your conscience quicker

Updated: Feb 12

A fast conscience-activator for me is when I think about how I would feel in any situation. I started thinking about afterlife from an early age and realized I needed to live my life as purely as possible for me to see my future clearest. I started to think, how would I feel if "so & so" was no longer here? What would I regret? Then I started treating people I love with the love I wish I would've had if that were to happen. Makes sense? This rule could be helpful for living a focused life whether you realize it or not. I believe this is a way of using your third eye. Seeing ahead. AND acting off of it.

And because these thoughts are as deep as they are, I don’t have anything to say to anybody at all until I fix all of my issues and bad habits. That's always my rule for myself. For every issue I don’t fix, I just don't have anything to say to anybody. I have nothing to say to another human being about their life journey unless it concerns me.