• Bianca Rose

Evolution; why don't we use this word enough?

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Evolving is in arguably the hardest thing to do on this earth! So I want to share some tips and things to think about that has helped me over the years.

  • Finish the thought before you express the idea or opinion! The more you think on something, the likelier you are to find a solution. The more you think on something, the likelier you are to heighten yourself and broaden your knowledge. This is something I'm still learning to master.

  • Understand where you want to be financially in this physical life and learn from others that are in your financial direction. Unfortunately, we do not get financial education in school, which is odd considering we need money to survive especially in certain parts of the world. This was a personal hold up for me because I didn't learn about financial education until my 20s. -Read Rich Dad Poor Dad -Watch Robetr Kyosaki's documentary "Shooting the Sacred Cows of Money"

  • ​We are supposed to be rid of diseases in this world, and unhealthy beliefs and behaviors in life. Life shouldn't be difficult for any of us. We are supposed to be on another level. Monks can walk in -0 degree weather and train their minds that it's hot outside. I never forget this when thinking of the mental levels I want to be on. Monks can also communicate and live with tigers. The power of our minds should NOT be underestimated.

  • We don't spend enough time thinking forward. We don't spend enough time thinking about the future. We also don't spend enough time in the present, as ironic as that sounds. We spend TOO much time dwelling in the past. Are we too bored?

  • We need our individual selves to get out of that mind frame into a more evolutionary state of mind (I & I), so we can rise up and be creators, innovators, eradicators of diseases and all the negativity.

  • Try to write everything down, or things you think important to one day pass on to a new family member coming into the world. Passing it on is a very important part of this evolution thing. I started to realize me writing everything down, especially earlier on in my life, can help a new set of people coming ahead of me to evolve faster than I did. They can read the work and be prepared, be warned.

  • Always try to balance out your wrongs and rights. Ideally no wrongs, so you can just chilllll.

  • I want this generation of humans to elevate to the next levels because we've been on these basic levels for too long throughout many generations. Get out, explore, give a helping shoulder for your girl, COMMUNICATE, put a lot of time into the community. We can replace all of that negativity with all of this action. And we could help each other get there. And you know what, if everybody is doing the same thing because it makes them happy, then so be it. If everybody's traveling and there's like no more space in the air to fly, then that just means we need to find new ways to fly. We'll get there.

  • Have a will to live an exemplary life. Have a will to share your mistakes. Your successes. Your adventures. Everything. Have a will to show your entire growing process as much and as best as possible to people. Naturally, I promise, you will have less fear and more courage to grow, move on, forgive, cry, love.