• Bianca Rose

Major rule for a warrior goddess

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

I have a major rule that I started making public with those around me as I got older, to eliminate a significant amount of shit that didn't matter as much as the bigger problems I was noticing in the world. At an early age, I realized that my attention was needed for a movement beyond most of my issues I thought were problematic, and I carried that same rule towards others when they brought their issues to me, especially those not showing any real action that they want to change.

After years of exercising it and seeing the long term benefits, I want to share this rule.

You're not allowed to tell me your problems unless you're prepared for us to also discuss a solution, and if you yourself are not prepared to take action. If not, you're wasting my time. This rule not only maintains my mental sanity, but keeps everyone moving forward.

People who dwell on the same problems in life all the time and worst, allows it to interfere with their goals, have a problem accepting things the way they are and moving on. Change is never comfortable. This is a fact. So that's why if you're really, really, really smart and if you really, really, really want to evolve, it's smarter to adapt to the un-comfortability of change. Stay ahead of the game and know already that change is uncomfortable. Have your self-care resources on deck like you never have before. Be prepared. This is a cycle of life that we can master.

When your mentality is here now, you're at a much a safer place to deal with life. When you get criticism in any form, instead of being bitter, ignorant, argumentative (although I personally think you're allowed to reason - purchase my book to understand my philosophy behind this ideal), your mind has the ability to completely IGNORE the emotions that come along with truth. It doesn't matter if it's from a teacher, a family member, a friend, a stranger, a hater. The same rule applies to all human beings. The only thing that separates us are titles (and DNA I guess).

Truth has power over any man. Evolution wins. It is completely appropriate to tell someone, "yo, I'm not in a space to deal with this right now because I can't overcome my own battles." Or to tell yourself, "I gotta be out, and I gotta grow, so yea I'll choose to hear everything this loved one gotta say about me and make sense of things (or sometimes not a loved one, but you can still tell the person expressed enough passion for you to reflect on even if you don't f* with them) ." Not too long after that you should be applying action consistently, and then wallah! ---> habit changed eventually after at least 21 days of consistency. That number is a common number when mental specialists share how long it takes to make a habit. it' important that we make time to overstand life to maintain happiness.

Get away from negative energy of family/friends real quick, in the less combative way as possible. You’re not cutting them off, you just need to find a different consistent space of positive energy, and you deal with that negative energy when you have the space to, if ever.

Food for thought: Take a look back at your last week. If you did not accomplish a goal you said you were going to do, or something that was important on your to-do list, but you found more time to have negative thoughts on others, and even worse, find time to speak negatively on others, then you have a problem that you need to address immediately, in isolation depending on how dissatisfied you get when you think about your reality. The more dissatisfaction, the likelier those vibes will be shared with those around you instead of your Light. The universe will eventually force you to be conscientious if you're not able to tell on your own because living in negativity is not a natural ideal for human beings. People will start to distance themselves from you in both less or more obvious ways. The ones who vocalize why are the fearless ones and they are giving you a stepping stone if you choose to move forward. But don't let it get there, try your best to take notice on your own. It could be a rockier transition if you don't. You'll enhance your maturity and life skills significantly the more you're able to take notice and action on your own, before someone else has the opportunity to tell you about a bad habit that they likely have enough experience in with you to now be honest with you. And if you don't like to be told unattractive things about yourself (trust me, I don't and never will but understand that I have to), I strongly advise you to focus on enhancing those warrior-goddess skills. It's possible to evade the negative vibes that you feel if this situation feels familiar to you. Trust me. Pay deep attention.