• Bianca Rose

Positive signs that you're in goddess mode

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Despite its unpopularity, my life is devoted to the career of eliminating negative vibrations permanently. If you couldn’t tell yet, everything I do or associate myself with serves a higher purpose. There’s no official name for it in the dictionary and it’s not a job you can apply for, instead you have to find the power within yourself and figure it out through your own spiritual journey Who You Are, you feel it in your soul. For right now, I’ll give that career the name “GODDESS” (you get paid in vibes rather than monies).

Because I know positive vibrations are more powerful than silver and gold, I know if I helped one million people and you have one million dollars, I’m still richer than you. I answer to God first, so before society gives me all these titles, I show society I’m a goddess, first! You can ask me about all other titles after.

We have one life, choose your main career wisely.

Who do you find yourself answering to the most on a daily basis? Society, or the Higher Power you believe in?