• Bianca Rose

Protect your innocence because your life does depend on it

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

I'm very serious about protecting your innocence, because I realize how far that mentality has subconsciously taken me in life. Now it's obviously more on a conscious level. When you protect your innocence, that mentality allows you to (1) use your ego less; our biggest human feat yet. (2) You exercise more honesty (3) curiosity, and eventually (4) attain more knowledge if your intentions are genuinely pure -- you'll be in a natural state of welcoming and receiving information. So you don’t have to worry about looking stupid if you’re wrong. If you're naturally in a state of protecting your innocence, your attitude has already accepted your reality immediately (rather than much later in life) as a real child of the universe, so you will respond differently than others who think they know it all. Your intentions won't be hard to decipher.

Major rules!

  • Don't let anybody take away your innocence (your right to happiness)! We weren't made perfect so they can't crucify us if we're not!

  • People want you to be mad. That's what we human beings do for a reason that will always be strange, it doesn't produce the maximum vibes possible for all sides. Don't let it happen. Follow the formula. Bring positivity to your space.

  • Remember, we are ALL children of the universe. No one is God! Society tricks us into thinking that we need to know it all. We don't! It' s ok to not know everything, it's ok to learn forever. Because no one knows everything, including the people who run the show!

  • We don't respect the ability that God gave us of exercising our innocence. I'm sure in every religious text there is something that says that "God forgives, you can try again" (if not, that's worrisome).

Why don't we take full advantage of this? Why do we override moral codes with man-made laws?