• Bianca Rose

Racism is the dumbest thing that could've ever happened to humanity!

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Racism has wasted so much TIME! Let's count how many years. Start from the beginning of slavery until now. Google it and do the math! Will we ever get to experience ZEN collectively as humankind?

Confirmed: the word stupidity no longer exists because another word has taken all its power: racism. It just might be the worst form of human stupidity. For all humankind that exercise it.

I think as human beings it's important to have this goal: before anyone knows you as any title, the first thing people know should about you is how you treat people. I purposefully made sure my life reflected this and if society lived by these standards we'd have less surprises in life.

By feeding into the bullshit, you allow the wrong to not think. You don't give them time to reflect. You need to give them time for their conscience to work. Be kind. Let their conscience take care of whatever vengeance you once sought. Do you. You allow and give the other person an excuse to temporarily forget about all of their issues and problems when you feed into their bullshit. I almost think being racist itself is an excuse to not love oneself or face one's own issues. Living by example is the best way to win these types of wars.