• Bianca Rose

Showing gratitude all the time is important

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Nine times out of ten, you’ll find me in a good mood. If I’m not, it has meant I have lost control over my mind and I’m sorry in advance for any negative vibes I’ve caused you. Negative vibes is an abomination to us all.

One of the reasons that I'm able to stay on a consistent positive vibe (for the most part) is because of my will to show gratitude. I never forget about that rule. It's another source of receiving vibes which is the most valuable currency for me because it helps me grow the most.

If happiness looks like fame and a lot of money, then you got the wrong inspirational platform and the wrong human being entirely. If happiness looks like being aware, feeling grateful everyday for life and the good vibes that come your way, plus living your best life with the resources you got, falling but picking yourself back up, that sounds like the right lingo!