• Bianca Rose

The Great Migration - The Return of The African Diaspora to Homelands

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

The African diaspora has a responsibility to contribute to the further evolution of our predominantly African environments around the world. We can build great African nations everywhere.

Without our immigrant parents, grandparents, etc., there would be no us. Be grateful for what America has to offer because you can advance far here, but don’t become so Americanized that you lose your roots. Keep the connection strong with your [ancestors’] homeland. Check out the link in my bio to listen for more!

Whether your lineage comes from the Caribbean, the Americas, or any other place Africans were forced to make a new home, understand how many generations you are from the last family member that kept a strong and existing connection with their homeland (that can be something simply as talking to cousins here on whats app) and also ask yourself how many generations you are away from the next family member that’s going to decide to take up that responsibility, since they’ve realized their mom or dad or whomever appropriate didn’t. Wouldn’t you want to be the apart of The Great Migration, that already happened when Africans fled the south to the north, or like Marcus Garvey lived his whole life preaching. The time when all of the African diaspora finally makes a conscious choice to start a mass movement of returning back to our homelands, and ultimately, the Motherland.

That practice starts right here in our own hoods. And from there it grows.

I hope you enjoy this podcast! Please excuse the loud music, I’m learning better methods to record as I put out more episodes!