• Bianca Rose

The reciprocation of energy in friendships

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Think about how you can give more in your friendship.

Seize up your current situations and ask yourself if you're receiving what you're giving.

Then, boldly ask yourself if you're giving what you're receiving?

What are you giving? What are they giving? Try not to be complicated.

You shouldn't think of money, material, or even tangible for that matter. I think one common ground that every human being has to share in order to evolve is having a positive attitude. So only think in terms of energy, to be the most fair. That is the only thing we could justifiably ask another to bring to your space if they want to be in it, and equally also enough the only reason we could ask someone to leave your space if they're not going to bring it. If you're nice, you'll ask. I

f you're finding that someone is not putting in effort to reciprocate back the energy you put out, you yourself should question whether this is a friendship or a mentorship. If you're seeking a friendship, a conversation needs to be had. If you're okay and have time for a mentorship, then proceed with giving your positive energy regardless of what you're going to receive back. You're harnessing skills for motherhood if you haven't become a mother already.

If you think with any other currency than energy (cough: money) when it comes to providing in a friendship, it gets complicated if the friends title was already established. You should know beforehand what your friend can or cannot provide. If you're finding that someone is not reciprocating back something tangible, you should even question this is a friendship, or a sponsorship. If you're seeking a friendship, you might need to have a conversation with your friend like, why don't you spend as much on me as I do you? I'm assuming your friends are in the same brackets as you. And only do this if it's bothering you. There might be reasons that can be talked about if money matters that much to you.

If you're okay and have time for a sponsorship, then proceed with sponsoring. Ask yourself do I really want this person in my life? Calculate the benefits and if it actually alleviates life burdens you're already trying to tackle than it balances it out regardless if you don't receive something monetary back. You're harnessing your gratitude skills.

All in all, I think only expecting one thing from friends, a positive attitude, is the most safest expectation to have. It shouldn't matter where someone is at in life and that should not stop you from being friends with anyone. The only deciding factor that I believe should separate a marriage or a friendship from any other type of relationship is the energy two people are deciding to bring to the table. This is not a mother-child or familial situation where you have to deal with negative energy and redirect it in your children, by natural law. These are two different entities from two different families, two different environments, consciously choosing to make a beneficial commitment for one another. You must choose your energies carefully. At this very unfamiliar point in the beginning of your relationship and throughout, you owe each other nothing but honesty and communication.