• Bianca Rose

Grandma vs. Obeahooman

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

My mom recently shared a story where she was young and there was an incident where my grandmother not beat, but murdered her because she was afraid of obeah (also known as voodoo), and this obeahwoman’s house in the area. This woman was not from the area. She said one time my grandma asked her to go to the store to get something. My mom took the extra long way, pass Mas’ Boyee’s house and on the way going back she would wait until someone else passes before passing so she could run with them pass her house.

The obeahwoman (as Jamaicans call it) had white sheets surrounding her house and corn planted around the yard so it was hard to see what was going on in the property. Apparently this woman was known to advertise her abilities to give you whatever negative desire you had on someone else. She was using obeah in the incorrect ways in respect to the original African traditions.

Later after my mom got back home, she said Mas’ Boyee passed by and mentioned how my mom walked pass his crib to get to the store to avoid the woman’s house. My mom said she knew it was over when she heard grandma scream her name. After my grandma beat my mom, she went outside and walked to the obeahwoman’s house, tore down all her sheets and started screaming “kill me nuh, kill me if yuh bad!” which also means, “kill me if you’re really bad!” And she told the woman to leave and to never come back. The woman left and never came back!

Before the woman left she told my grandma that her future is gonna be full of misfortune, that was of course before my grandma immigrated to the US, bought her house, brought all of her kids up who started their own families, retired and moved back to Jamaica. I completely understand where my mom gets her braveheart from. My mom goes ham on me if I bring up the subject now. And I will do the same to my child. Gma’s a real O.G. #WAKANDAFOREVER

Grandma and her almost half of her grandkids, Summer 2018