• Bianca Rose

Kanye West knows Jamaica’s powers!

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Let’s talk about it people!

His first stop outside of the US was Kingston, Jamaica, specifically Emancipation Park. Kanye West is on a mission and he’s applying strategy.

I believe Kanye knows how powerful Jamaicans are and how much leverage his movement can get with them involved (if they flow with the vibe). Kanye West’s style isn’t as popular as other rappers in Jamaica, however, I know Jamaicans love fearless people, and I think they admire him for his craziness. You can't be fearless without a touch of 'crazy'."

And to my surprise, although there were the expected critics (extremely proud Jamaicans), for the most part Jamaica received him well. Why? I believe it's because his message was God-driven.

I think Kanye feels at home there.

Kanye has Jamaicans in his life that are pretty close to him. I remember reading an article about how Kanye and Kim invited 2Chainz over for a Jamaican dinner. And I read somewhere that it was some Jamaicans in his clique that gave him the idea to do the service in Yaad.

Do you guys think I’m crazy still, or do you think I’m on to something with this "Jamaica being a whole different frequency" ish yet? Although the people will tell you it's not the country, "it's the people."

How long did it take before we realized Albert wasn't crazy anymore!

Jamaica has the most “churches” per square mile of any country in the world, with over 1,600 “churches” all over Jamaica. Source: Guinness Book of WorldRecords

Check out some footage below!