• Bianca Rose

Life is science, life is magical (an organizational system)

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Life is science. I truly believe that. Overtime, I have developed a habit of listening to every single idea that someone takes the time to share with me, fully looking into the idea before cancelling it out or including it with my future. I truly believe that God speaks through us. It is a personal rule of mine to never discount a suggestion from someone giving positive energy in that moment. I have found magic in this rule.

This coincides with me around 16yo, my mom bought me my first Mac and I started organizing my plans and goals into documents, in coordination with the school year. I begin to realize at an early age after accomplishing big goals every quarter, that I could do anything I want. Anything.

I wouldn’t have this power if it wasn’t for the love and support I had since I came into this world, my family, Renaissance. Foundation matters but doesn’t dictate. Love, no matter where it comes from, should not be discounted, it adds to your evolution no matter the source and I’m an example to myself. The more we tap into our consciousness, the more we understand this.

Track History of Manifestation:

Age 6-15 = school success

Age 15-18 = socializing & partying (couldn’t tell me shit, I was living my life)

Age 18-25 = travel 

Age 25-30 = spirituality & sustainability

The more I aged, the more my goals became more of what I wanted instead of what society wanted. 2018 has opened up my mind so much on how powerful we are as humans looking at my own past. Now as I prepare to further the discipline as we all are for 2019, I’m questioning how small my plans are. We are powerful. I’m ready to go in full force, now. Having this much control over your life is addicting and free. I’ve managed to find a peace of mind in this world by tapping into my own power and helping others do the same.

It wasn’t until I hit my mid 20s that I discovered that there was a Power beyond me putting things in action. There was a power making shit happen on top of what I was already making happen: God. It felt like God was matching up with the energy I was giving and vice versa, making extra ish happen (inexplicable ish), the relationship still continues to feel like this.

After years of recording my thoughts, I finally was able to develop a system where I could save as much as my thoughts as possible and eventually filter them into a system where I could get them done overtime in an effective manner.

I realized when I have ideas without trying to think about them, my third eye 👁 is activated. When I became aware of this I decided I wanted to respect my ideas by saving them (as much as I possibly could) and revisit them (and either make sense out of them or completely dismiss them depending on where I was at in my evolution) when I have alone time. For years (since I was like 16) I always saved not only my ideas but other suggestions people would give me, always believing that it was God talking to me through people because of the vibe they would tell me in.

A to-do list I had around 2010

When I take care of each to-do, I put them in a vase so I could see a visual representation of how much I’m getting done. It motivates me to get more done. Instead of putting flowers in these vases, I put my sticky notes in there once I completely take care of the action, then I move on to the next. I love this vase method because just like flowers, my 👁 sees my dreams blooming slowly once I take the action. Once I throw a sticky note in, I know the universe will take care of the rest, and I move onto the next action I need to complete on my end so the universe could do its job properly.

The 5- Step Process:

1. Jotting down my thoughts immediately (non-negotiable), either in my phone or sticky notes if I have them handy.

2. Transferring them to smaller sticky note papers.

3. Strategically placing sticky notes on the master board where the to-dos for my ventures/projects are written/organized. I organize the to-dos based on what makes the most the sense to get done first, to produce the best results possible. I often revisit this board when new sticky notes need to be added and I usually only have to do little-to-no rearranging when adding new ones in, they end up flowing for the most part.

4. Taking them down in small heaps every couple of weeks when I’m ready to put them on my 20 x 30 calendar for the year, separated by the month. I strategically map out when I’m going to do what so I know I’m giving myself enough room to actually get things done.

5. When I finish complete that task that day (or the many times when I’m late), I throw it in the vases and put the rest of my trust in God.

What types of organizational systems have you come up for yourself?

Feel free to share your thoughts!