• Bianca Rose

Blessings come faster if you're honest with yourself

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Your blessings come in faster the more you're able to be truthful with yourself. I think that's a formula many people need to hear. The better you get at it, it's like running water when you're in flow. It is every human being's most difficult feat, understandably. I actually think it is humankind's most deadliest disease, not being able to be truthful with yourself. Think about how hard it is -- some people live until 100 years old not being able to change -- it's hard and uncomfortable. You start to see how it takes over people's lives and why they can't get to where they want to be in life (especially the ones that blame other people/things for where they are at, man, they still don't get it). It's a contagious mental disease too if you don't know yourself.


Those who are close to me have seen my visions come into fruition or blessings come in different forms. They have also witnessed the inner work I've put in myself since they've known me. I'm not afraid of facing myself. And often go into deep periods of isolation when it's time for growth again.

Keep your blessings to yourself for the most part, and respect that this is a relationship between you and the universe. That's how you will continue to get them. Others are not on the same journey as you and can’t always relate, so they may not share the same joy about your blessings as you do ( understandably when you understand this science behind it). Keep them to yourself unless it's a shareable blessing.

I promise, the above continues to work for me and can work for you if you really stick to the formula. This is not easy. Give it some time for you to adjust to this new way of life.

Have you noticed why or when your blessings come in? Have you noticed any pattern? What are your thoughts on blessings?