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I sat next to the owner of Shea Moisture & Essence Magazine on my way to Havana

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Before this lifestyle became normal for me and I was fascinated with the possibility of awe happening in any moment, I used to write down every magical instance I could (Notes in iPhone became my best friend) if I feel like a situation was too goo to be true. Now I practice to be more present with the presents and I learn to align myself for what is already mine. You see, every time you genuinely repent/forgive for the sake of only one thing, your soul, greatness begins to happen but it's not so apparent yet. The universe stirs a concoction for you that takes a while to get the right ingredients together depending on how long it takes for you to apply action with new behavior. You'll have to do this enough to prove it to yourself that you are for real about your behavior, and you'll get tired. So just when you feel like you lost it all, things slowly start to pick back up until you realize something phenomenal has been happening in your life journey this entire time.

Below is an example of how I once used to document my happenings. Now I don't record as much unless it's a new experience I haven't experienced before, but that level up itself comes with the experience. I believe things get more magical and less ordinary when you follow the positive vibrations. Choose actions that bring the most positive vibe. Often for me, these choices start from signs that I call ancestral callings.

Straight from iPhone Notes baby!

Miracles & Gratitude Everyday

Fuck With Universe, Universe Fucks With You Right Back

1. I got straight out of work and headed straight to the Jimmy Fund Walk to support my coworkers, and I ended up running into this wonderful white woman named Ellen who had a Jamaica shirt on, of course I had to stop and say something lol, so I told her about my dad getting treated at Dana Farber, where we live in Jamaica and started sharing all of the places she's been to and most NOTABLY the volunteer work her boyfriend does in Jamaica through dentistry. Meanwhile she doesn't even know that I've been looking for places people who visit Jamaica can volunteer at -- a friend hit me up about it a couple of days ago asking me for suggestions and I had no clue myself, end up having to and my family didn't know much. Do you see the way the universe be working? If I didn't see that shirt, I wouldn't have stopped and said "I love your shirt!" and the vibes wouldn't have had a chance to get into play. Crazy! Kyndra Ricketts I actually got some volunteer options for your trip now!

2. Another bomb ass day of good vibes. Was gonna go straight to my other job to get some more work done, got off at Copley because I just had a "feeling" I needed to do something, Copley was on the way and I don't like going there unless I have something to do, I left a necklace at Tiffany's some months ago to get cleaned. When I went to go pick it up, I decided THEN to remember that this was a gift from my father and how special it is. And then to myself I'm like why did I wait so long to come pick this back up? And why today? Im in my 2nd jobs' clothes looking like a man, didn't really care for stopping at Copley. But I still did -- and that's not like me. Don't know why I decided to pick up that necklace today but today is the Jimmy Fund Cancer Walk, the finish line being right across the street. To me, that was just daddy telling me once again "pay attention"! Then on the way I see my old tenant's son (I'm not tagging him, don't want him to get fired) when I decided to treat myself to Pinkberry, who is stillllll a sweetheart, and he ends up giving me Pinkberry free (which I did not ask for and wasn't even expecting). That might be it for today. The universe likes to give me balance. Someone might piss me off later to test me but then I'm gonna bounce back and there's gonna be some new blessings tomorrow. But the longer I take to bounce back, the longer it will take for the blessings to come. I like my blessings FAST!

3. I was sitting down next to the owner of Shea Moisture, Richelieu Dennis on the way to Havana and I had no idea the entire time! I was sitting next to him on the plane without realizing who this very accomplished black man was. And this is how I found out, months later.

I was on Instagram scrolling through my newsfeed when I saw a friend of mine bring his students to the Newseum in DC. I clicked the location because I wanted to randomly see if it was the same place I went to over a decade ago, and I was led to a collection of pictures from other people that tagged Newsuem as a location. I saw this picture with a face in it that looked so familiar. I said to myself, I know this guy. And I kept trying to think where I remembered him from. And then, ta dah! I remembered! It was the trip to Cuba!

His energy was memorable. He kicked off his shoes and was too relaxed to be just a normal guy. I was sitting next to him on the same plane with a seat in between us to Havana, doing work on my laptop the entire time. I remember the flight attendant being overly kind to him, and as a result, overly kind to me. He gave me all of his nips and I smiled and told him thank you. If I knew who he was, I would've taken it a step further and grabbed a selfie! I would be satisfied!

After clicking this photo, it didn't take me long to figure out who it was with the help of Google. It was Richelieu Dennis, African-American billionaire, owner of Shea Moisture as well as Essence Magazine!

Have you had any weird connections in your daily life that you put together to create a higher understanding? Like, eureka! What were they?

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