• Bianca Rose

Making your own self-heal health binder is helpful when playing your own doctor

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Making MY own self-heal health binder was one of the best things I ever did! And here's why:

1) I found more time to pay more attention to what my issues were. Not just what I saw was the new cool healthy thing to pay attention to in the media, although I find social media very helpful with learning about new things that could possibly be helpful!

2) I got to add my own elements because of the issues that I now wanted to pay attention to. One of those elements were mind. There's not too many platforms out there telling you how you can aid your mental health on your own.

Now this binder is particular for you, so you can get as detailed and intimate as you want for your care. As a woman, I have an element for every part of my body, and even the outer body.


1) Visit your doctor and get a blood test. Check out your results and see what's high or low. Research/Google organic ways to self-heal. Print out the ones that make sense to you. Start developing your binder.

2) Every time you see something that pertains to bettering your mental health, save it to print later so you can add it to your binder.