• Bianca Rose

Numerology (always seeing the numbers "11")

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

I have been seeing the numbers 11 on a consistent basis for some years now, I would say nearly almost everyday. Time would be the most popular place I see the numbers. But it happens randomly, anywhere. I could be looking up at a house and the address is 111, or my total for GoPuff would come up to $11:11. I remember clicking a Cashapp notification that popped up on my screen once and after seeing this, I had to ask the universe, are you serious? We communicate in silence, but I tend to get immediate answers when asking questions with humor.

Pretty much, I have realized that this started happening around the same time I started to realize I've been speaking visions and dreams into existence. "I do what I say and I get what I want" becomes more believable to me if I stay on course, aka, if I keep paying attention, if I continue being present. The more the awareness stays consistent, the more these numbers pop up.

How about you? What sorts of numbers are magical to you? Or what types of coincidences do you have?

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