• Bianca Rose

Personal space is a ting

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Personal space has become an absolute necessity for me AND it’s something I wish I understood earlier. I would’ve been able to be a better example to those around me.

Because I had no sense of control over my own energy and how much I put out to people, people became used to receiving that amount and no one really complains when you’re getting too much of a good thing. You rarely hear people complain, only when its bad. If I had control over my ADHD earlier on, I would’ve exercised more balance in my relationships from earlier on in my life so I wouldn’t have to potentially have hard transitions with friends that I wanted to be friends with forever. So when it was time to get old and evolve, and I got to a transitional point in my life as an adult, I had to redirect most of that energy back to myself. I had a hard time with some relationships that I realized weren’t as stable and strong as I once believed. Most stayed, those were the ones that I didn't put too much energy into because I didn't have anything to give but the basic kindness, but it worked out for our friendships in the end because it still had balance. Nothing really changed. Some were also on identical journeys or already had been so didn't find a problem with my "growing up" at all. My change in the amount of energy I was giving to changed up so I could make sure I'm just not doing nothing at all, but I am also not doing too much.

I was still the same B with the same unchanged love, I just had to focus more on me because life was calling for it. It took a while, but eventually after you stop feeling sad you start feeling the benefits of what balance brings to your life, and how you can have better and long-lasting relationships. All of this was a result of creating my own personal space. By controlling my personal space, I was also controlling my energy.