• Bianca Rose

Silent action always wins

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

The most powerful and influential actions I feel are those done in silence.

This is also a little ironic for me to say because I run a nonprofit focused on community service, and we post pictures every time we do service. I still agree that actions are most influential in silence. I've also realized how much social media could boost a purposeful movement.

When actions are done in silence, whether for you or for others, I feel like common sense comes more naturally. The angels speak to you. Magic happens, when you’re silent. When you’re observing. When you’re aware. When you’re conscious.

This is especially true for meditating. I have not connected with the Higher Power like I do when I'm meditating in silence for long periods of time, especially during full moons.

Silence ----> observation ----> awareness ----> assessment [on how you can add to make the situation better for others without taking away from your journey] -----> higher consciousness.