• Bianca Rose

The Blue Man Group in Las Vegas

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

O M G! FINALLYLYYY! The Blue Man Group was literally on my bucket list for over a decade! I could’ve easily bought tickets but because I plan a lot, I like to leave room for the universe to have me go with the flow. I randomly won some tickets off of Jamn 945 when I happened to have my headphones off during a commercial break and I heard them ask, what country has 3 “As” in it?

Lol of course I called and told them JAMAICA and I won a free trip to Disney World and Vegas! Those tickets came with free Blue Man tickets! The universe said: “it’s time.” This show was so unbelievably amazing. I never knew why I wanted to see this show so much, I didn’t know what to expect, it was all subconscious (and I still haven’t fully read into the purpose of this show, I’m still leaving it up to my imagination). And my imagination says this: Blue Man Group demonstrates best to me how the first humans probably interacted, they didn’t talk at all and only interacted through eyes and moving their body parts. Anybody who read my past work knows how important I think communication is (read my first book) and how it can easily make or easily break something good no matter how smart or stupid the parties are. 2) BMG also communicates through sound. They found a way to make music with everything.

If you guys have been following the journey for my next book you know SOUND and VIBRATIONS have a lot to do with uncovering my formula to black unity. 3) Most notably from this show though, is the innocence BMG maintained and the fact that everyone laughed when they did something stupid or disgusting.

One of the things I recently started to preach is to protect you innocence (I never realized I lived my whole life like this way, but my mom did a great job). Never let the world make you feel guilty, try again! This world sucks. I’ve seen this world get the best of people. There’s cosmic laws we don’t follow. But not BMG! Everyone laughed after every mistake or disgusting thing because their vibe was saying “I’m curious  and I’m figuring shit out in this crazy world!” Thank you Universe!!!