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A rejuvenating workout (it involves the steam room)

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

I guarantee you this workout below will have you sleeping like a baby, and better yet, before the workout even ends you feel the bliss!

Now this is a post I wrote in 2012, that was 7 years ago, I was 21. Don't laugh! But these same steps still apply and I still adhere to them, although over the years I've done more of number 5 than anything. Enjoy the laugh! And the info!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW RECOMMENDED WORKOUT

If you all have read any of my previous blog posts on improving your health, like Inside Health: My Tips On Dental Care, Inside Health: Tips On Taking Better Care Of Yourself, Inside Health: Why Being A Clean & Organized Person Helps Your Ego, Inside Health: I Cut My Hair!, etc, you know how important I think it is to stay healthy. I love to share my ideas and experiences. I have a new recommended work-out that I believe is very very very gooood. It could be done between 3-5 hours! Make sure your gym has a sauna/steam room!

ONE. Yoga

I was TIRED of hearing all the hype about yoga. It calms you down, it enhances your flexibility, blah blah blah, blah blah blah. I was just tired of hearing it and not trying it yet. I had it on my agenda to try but my schedule wasn't flexible with any yoga class in the city. It wasn't until I asked my gym about it and they said they offered it! I tried yoga ONCE and now I'm addicted. It REALLY calms your nerves and makes you relax. It also makes yo body feel really good. It's a brand new feeling and it's a great way to start off a workout, especially if you're about to go jogging or swimming. You want to have those muscles loosened, not tightened. Charlies horses, tense muscles, etc. are never good things. My mom bought a yoga bundle (yoga mat, rope, DVD, inflatable ball) at Walmart for $20, a freaking deal! My gym had all of these available but it's always good to have your own so you can do yoga on your own time with your own things.

TWO. Abs

I work on my abs next, because after running the treadmill, swimming, or going into the steam room/sauna, I become mentally and physically exhausted. Usually they have ab machines at gyms. If they don't, do regular crunches or sit-ups, 150-200 of them. If they do, then adjust the lbs of the weights to a number that you can bear, but challenges you. It's not the same for everybody, each person's body is different so choose the lbs accordingly. My body weight is about 132lbs, so I choose 70lbs of weights for my abs to lift. It's a work-out but it's doable. I usually do 30-50 of those while trying my best not to stop. Non-stop always equals best results.

THREE. Treadmill

By now, you're legs will feel good and be in shape to go on the treadmill thanks to yoga. Keep it simple. I don't need to be on a treadmill because I have no excess weight to lose so I only run for about 30 minutes. However, running still keeps your body in shape. It tones your legs, it keeps stamina up, it makes you physically able. Running is never a bag thing. I prefer jogging outside for about 3-5 miles or 30 minutes - 1 hour. I only get to do that when it's nice outside or when I don't have gym access. If I'm at the gym then I'll just deal with the treadmill. The treadmill is GOOD, don't be mistaken. I just prefer to run outside with fresh hair, a sports bra, and short shorts. The wind feels good against my skin, so the less clothes the better. The luxury of being able to stretch my legs with a wider length while running also contributes to my favoritism for jogging outside.

FOUR. Swimming

Swimming is one of all my all-time favorites. For the true swimmers who have been dedicated to the sport for years, they are my witnesses when I say swimming is the hardest sport to endure. Of course, this is common knowledge. When yo swim, you using EVERY function of your body. It is a major work-out. Not only are you using both your arms and legs to get you from point A to point b, but your breathing isn't as regular as if you were on land. Because of the rigor of this sport, I only do 5 laps (10 lengths). 1 length is from point A to point B. 1 lap is from point A to point B, back to point A, other wise known as 2 lengths. Hence the fact that a lap is more rigorous. I used to be able to do 500 yards under 9-10 minutes during my lifeguarding days but those days are now over since I stopped swimming for years. That's why I keep it to 5 laps, instead of 10 laps (500 yards) because I would probably die after just running my butt off on the treadmill. When I come out of the water after doing my 5 laps, I feel WORKED. Trust me, this is something you need to try. It's the fastest way for you to get in shape and you can acquire muscles, abs, breathing skills plus so much more if you are attentive and dedicated to the sport. For the first 2 laps, I do 2 freestyle lengths (front crawl) then 2 backstroke lengths, respectively. For the next 4 lengths (2 laps), I do freestyle, backstroke, freestyle, backstroke. And for the last lap, I do a combination of both. I don't know if there's a name for it but I learned it when I was younger and really liked it. It's something you'd have to see to understand, but your basically turning around in circles in the water. Here's a website for swimming styles. For girls, always wear a one-piece. Don't try to be cute with a two-piece. Swimming with an extremely tight one-piece helps you glide the water easily, a lose one-piece or two-piece prevents the velocity you're capable of. Your hair also prevents this because of the volume. I always wear a swimming cap and goggles just to make the swimming process much easier. I cannot swim without either of the two. Take all jewelry off and rinse off before jumping into the pool. So remember: one-piece, swim cap, goggles, game face. Bur.

FIVE. Steam room/sauna

Finally! The best freaking work-out of all time, and you don't have to do anything but SIT there: the steam room and the sauna! Take a swift shower and wash your hair immediately after getting out of the pool to get rid of the chlorine off your skin, before jumping into either the steam or sauna. Chlorine is not good for your body or hair. Some people favor one more than the other but I prefer the steam room because it's more intense. The 3 things I ALWAYS bring in there are a huge garbage bag, 3-5 water bottles, and a book. The book isn't the best idea because your pages get damped and they can rip if you're not careful, but it helps me take my mind off the fact that I'm dying in the steam room lol. Reading always takes my mind off things. I bring the water bottles because I'd be in there for a half-hour non-stop and NEED those waters. The garbage bag is what I use to put down on the seat to sit down on (some women are nasty and will sit down bare naked on the seat with all their cooch juices spilling!). I also put on a face mask but it's smarter to put that on before going in the sauna since the sauna sucks you dry and you won't be sweating your life out like you would be in the steam room. The sauna is also the best place to read but BE CAREFUL! The pages can get TOO dry and get stuck. OR, you could be in the sauna for an hour reading STRAIGHT, and when it's time to get up you realize you're about to faint because of your mental weakness. The steam room and sauna both do something to the inside of your head, it makes you weaker mentally and physically. The steam room is more obvious because you won't be able to take it and will force yourself out. The sauna, not so much, because it's quiet. If you are in fact reading in there, you don't notice your lightheaded until you actually move your head away from the awesome book you were reading. That's dangerous. Here's 2 blog posts of recommended books, Inside Books: Who's Better? Rochelle Alers vs. Zaneand Inside Books: Reading Is A Mind Stimulation. Be aware of your time limits in there. I usually do 15 of both, back to back for about 2 hours. Always bring a SURPLUS of water. My mother brings gallons of water which is also smart if you have room in your gym bag.

1/12/2012 update: Something new I have been doing in the steam room, as well as all the older women, is putting mayonnaise on my face before going into the steam room. My mom, as well as the other women, like to put it over there whole body and hair, but as you will soon find out (if you try it) that makes a mess and I hate a messy place. Mayonnaise is really good for your body and hair. The several ingredient components that make up mayonnaise each serve a purpose for your skin. Keep it on until the steam sweats it off. I also bring a bottle of olive oil to the gym. So I put it on after sitting in the intense steam for a half-hour and washing the residue off my face from the mayo. The olive oil is a follow-up. The ending results are very, very smooth. I'm feeling my face as we speak and I can't believe this actually works. Try it. You won't be disappointed.

Egg yolk feeds the hair with growth-promoting choline. Mustard nourishes essential fatty acids and skin soothing magnesium. Wine or champagne vinegar exfoliates the scalp and the hair shaft, imparts a gorgeous shine, plus, vinegar improves the penetration of other ingredients. Sea salt is purifying and astringent, and olive oil is a well-known skin and hair conditioner. What’s great about mayonnaise is that you can use it if your hair is oily, thin, weak, curly, straight, or dry. It works well on absolutely all hair conditions because it has nourishing, astringent, clarifying, and glossing ingredients in a perfect balance.

Check out this site for more info. You can also Google "mayonnaise for your body".

I introduced my best friend to the steam room and now she loves it! I'm telling you people, it's an addiction! The steam was so tough you couldn't see our faces.

FYI: don't ever bring your electronics into the steam room or sauna or else you'll be a sad monkey after 10 minutes in either.

So that's my recommended work-out, those 5 things in that order! It usually takes me about 3-5 hours, like I previously stated, for me to get through these 5 things. After your finished with the last work-out, steam room/sauna, take a nice and thorough shower BEFORE leaving the gym. I've learned this the hard way. If I don't do that, I end up walking home and knocking the hell out in my bed which is NOT good because you NEED a shower immediately after the gym, especially because of the chlorine from the pool and all of the sweat residue still on your skin. I hope this work-out helps. I also find it much easier to work out by myself (as I do with everything else) because other people might slow you down. You have the luxury of focusing on you and ONLY you. Learn how to be independent. You don't need gym buddies. Do you.


Do you? Hahahaha! DO YOU BOO!