• Bianca Rose

The making of the goddess-warrior video

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

I finally got around to capturing a video I had in mind to do for a few years. And the place I was imagining in my head was not the place I originally planned for in Portland, Oregon, it was right in my backyard in Jamaica. An area I never chose to venture off to until my best friend suggested for us to take a walk down the road and take some pictures over there. Although I didn't plan to shoot that video, I had brought the clothes I wanted to shoot in just in case. I had a feeling I might have the opportunity to.

I hope you guys feel the feels behind this coincidence that I did not see coming. I still feel them when I think about this experience, and now that I'm writing it.

I have visions that I come up with to fulfill my own wishes, not necessarily visions from other people/things telling me spiritual things like in movies. I don't think it's that serious for me. One of these visions had to do with the making of this short video above that I've been planning to shoot for about a year leading up to it. The original plan was to film it in Oregon, and the visuals I had were very particular. I knew I wanted a secluded or abandoned-looking environment where unfinished or stressed out structures still stood. I knew I wanted it to be in the midst of nature. I wanted the background to feel very simple, authentic, real.

I would always have this vision and for a while, I couldn't find the location I kept visualizing. Eventually, on the morning of a trip back home to Jamaica I decided I was going to bring some of the items I had in mind for the shoot. They were one of the last things I threw into my bag.

We spent a few days being at my home in Jamaica after a gig with my soundmate, who's also a professional model for an agency in Jamaica. She had already expressed wanting to shoot in the jungle-like area my house was in. So I decided to tag along for the fun as well.

We walked about 200 footsteps to this area right above my house with a more leveled area where we one could get more from Mother Nature in a picture. The area I live in has a naturesque background filled with mountains and trees, lots of greenery, an entirely illustrious view. It didn't take long for me to notice that the area we were now setting up in looked vaguely familiar. Minutes in, it didn't take me long to really realize why it looked familiar. This was the place I envisioned. But how? How could I not notice it before? But how would I if this was the first time I've actually walked over to this area as far as I had common sense and can remember, though I have to drive by a section of it every time I go or leave home. It was so real that I couldn't even vocalize it to my soundmate yet, I had to process the moment and explain it to her once my head came back down from an enormous amount of curiosity and awe.

Even down to the videographer and her skills (whch was my soundmate), she captured the movements I visualized for myself. It got to a point where months after this realization happened, I'm still questioning whether this was a matter of bringing powerful visions to life (in my hands) or was this a matter of destiny (what the Highest Power wants). Two very strong opposing arguments always common amongst thinkers and evolutionists.

Do you believe you can bring your visions to life? Or do you believe our destiny is already written? Do you think both is possible?