• Bianca Rose

Using the power of your conscience to create change

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

I did a social experiment. It started in 2014.

I study human behavior, and I had a theory. I really wanted to bring attention to the community, it’s important, but the only way for people to see that, especially around my age at the time, was for me to somehow make it cool. I knew along with the lifestyle that I lived, and with the vibe people knew I naturally have, that I could mastermind women into understanding the importance of community service since people only tend to follow trends. It was a sacrifice I was willing to take to start a movement in my area to contribute to a bigger movement, but was it really a sacrifice if I was really about it? I didn't even realize how much serving could add so much value to my life, I couldn't have imagined this much richness. It wasn't until this experiment that I realized human beings aren't really driven to try something out the norm, unless challenged. Personal will is dead. Our society successfully made a competitive atmosphere, normal.

That's why I really appreciated the women that joined The Bold & Beautiful Women Circle movement I started, and believed in the movement on site. Now I wouldn't say I was the first person to start a women-based community service network in my hood (I don't know that for a fact but I don't want to discredit anyone that has, my point is bigger), but it certainly was an idea that I came up with my own and followed through on until I saw the results I envisioned, with no obvious movement like that around in my community, especially for my age. This was a unique type of social construct than just chilling on the block. If you meet any of the ladies, they'll confirm that there was nothing like us around. It wasn't too long after our inception that we begin to see the domino effect happen throughout our hoods.

Which is actually GREAT a thing! I hope you are following me with how powerful our consciences could get. We can really create change.

When people see you living a certain type of life, and they see that you have the abilty to basically do anything you want, they want to be able to go that too. It's human instinct to follow if you can't lead. Now essentially what I wanted to do was make people use their conscience on their own. It is the most powerful tool we have, our conscience. ​I was noticing more and more how women around my age had trouble with comparing themselves to other females. I needed to take myself out of that bunch so I could lead us on to next levels. I had to remove myself from the norm and do what others weren't thinking about doing in order to help shift the evolution of women around me. I knew that once a conscience was exposed to something good, it's hard for them to go back to anything less. A natural law of life. I knew the power of the conscience and I knew at a certain point, where somebody has to make a choice of whether information given to them was wrong or right and whether or not they were going to proceed with it. Showing my love for serving in the community is the only thing I continue to do, it's as showing up willingly. And that continues to spark lives.

God & I made a covenant some years ago, that has been alive in me since the inception. The promise was, if I keep doing what I'm supposed to do for Him, he'll give me the tools I need to keep going, as long as my heart and intentions never steer off course. I haven't, and don't plan on ever breaking that covenant.

Because I am in tune with my conscience, I feel like I'm tune with a Higher Spirit.

Today, I am aware of my influence on people without having to say any words or without needing any acknowledgement. I will say that acknowledgment is what keeps the vibrations going higher though and contributes to the art of reciprocation; and having an understanding on all of this prevents negative vibrations from seeping in. Once you understand how powerful your energy could affect one person (in a positive way), your priorities shifts and starts to differs from everybody operating unintentionally. You now have a responsibility, a duty, to find better and creative ways that can help the masses, instead of one individual (and just one person is everything).

I have crossed the paths of many people all over the world and I know that number will grow faster the more I grow, I will continue to do what I do until the rest of the world (or at least my immediate environment) figures out what’s most important, and stops living for the world’s false expectations on how we should live (which is absolutely the case for anybody that hasn’t been able to find consistency in happiness on this planet).

And then, anyone else who’s playing God I laugh at because I don’t understand what type of human being would ever want that pressure. I know that every single one of us was made in the image of God and holds that power within, most of us just haven’t been able to stay on our godly side because of distractions and unhealthy environments, a complete loss of self-control, trust me, I speak of experience. I have absolutely no tolerance for negativity and I’m carrying the spirit of my peoples to defend that. 🇯🇲 No long talking. I have not found a better way to increase the force of positive vibrations than to be an example.

One sufficient way to send a message you want to send to the masses is to be an example of everything you preach. First, be a force all by yourself.