• Bianca Rose

MLK Day feels

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

I served on the Cultural Observances Committee at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. When the president of the institute addressed The Boston Globe's race articles in a recent email, she also mentioned how the institute "will continue to use COC to provide a platform of shared experiences, to learn from one another, engage more people, and strengthen our overall community. They are an important resource as we celebrate both individual differences and our common commitment to each other."

Aside from writing for the DFCI blog (that only the DFCI community can access), we take turns planning for different cultural events at DFCI. For our 2018 annual MLK Day celebration, I recruited a powerful black student (thanks to my old teachers) from my high school to share "What MLK means to you?" alongside young cancer survivors. I also organized a night of service for the COC to volunteer at Community Servings. I love doing this! Like I told my coworkers, you never NOT feel good after serving. Community Servings is dope. They package and send out meals to last a week for individuals/families with disabilities that can't help themselves. No matter how much I volunteer in Boston I always think I know all of the cool places to volunteer at and I do not! 

My father died from brain cancer in 2011. He received his treatment from Dana Farber + John Hopkins, the best of the best. He lived longer than expected not just because of these two awesome places, but because of his positive vibe. The positive vibrations keeps the world going 'round and it's especially palpable at Dana Farber. I've never had this much vibes reciprocated to me as as I give them out on a daily basis. This place has a special energy, (and feels women-dominated BTW!). If you have a chance, read my latest blog post (swipe left) on "What MLK means to me?". I write to inspire and I'm just happy that the Farbs is allowing me to share my vibe with them. I believe in love! One love! Happy MLK Day!