• Bianca Rose

Cosmetic surgeries could come to an end of its time

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

The way women move scares me sometimes. I don't judge, I express myself. And I really believe we should really start basing our success off of how we treat ourselves within and how we personally treat people as well, more than anything else.

This is what I realized about wearing fake things, including even for myself (in regards to make-up, weave, body add-ons, accessories, even braces, etc.), it makes you more powerful. This is a mask people put on (wigs, fake everything) - to get by in life a little easier, unless it brings up a health concern. The more you put on, especially on a consistent basis, is the more you're saying, "I need this to be powerful." Ideally, I am a fan of wearing absolutely nothing and doing absolutely nothing but being cleaned, groomed and tamed. Everything else is stress. I say that even as a woman who wears make-up, dresses up in jewelry sometimes and get fancy because of the industry I'm in. It will always be stressful and I will never deny that.

I do predict that at least cosmetic surgeries will get outdated as this movement of finding and being proud of your roots continues to surge amongst all of the world's peoples. I predict self-love will be a more popular trait than society-love eventually. It's only a matter of time that we start hearing it reflected it in our music until one day, our music is going to sound completely different than it did in the 80s-2000s, signaling a shift in whatever peoples that happens to. When I say Mother Nature is coming back for her world the way she originally created it, she really is. She's bringing balance by restoring values that we've lost in a world that's been dominated by the patriarchy for far too long.