• Bianca Rose

Mastering the art of competition

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Competition amongst girls is an actual thing. As I age I realize it more and more and I naturally reflect back on myself.

There were times when I remember being jealous as a little girl, not many times. There was one particular time where I put glue in this one girl's bag because I now realize I was jealous of her infectious energy. Me, being the same way to others, immediately didn't like the way I felt nor the consequences of simply being labeled "that girl." From that point in my life, I consciously decided I would choose to not only notice the amazing things about women but take it a step further acknowledge them for it. I got to a point where I begin to ask for myself, what do I really have to lose showing love to another woman for something I do not and probably wasn't meant to have? You tend to get to understandings like the after you've done the wrong. That girl and I ended up becoming friends after my prank and we still are to this day. Our moms ended up making us have sleepovers which made us get closer!

This brings me to a few years later as a young teen where I was one of the top students at my class, often the top if not for Claire Ruff. Claire was the best in everything, and whatever I competed in with her, she won. I hated it but loved it at the same time because I loved and respect Claire, but I wanted to win too. Through my relationship with Claire, I learned to exercise healthy competition. I learned to not take losses at heart but to instead use them to get better. I can honestly thank Claire for being a better human being, a wiser woman, because I always had a standard to measure up myself with.

Healthy competition! Get into it!