• Bianca Rose

Tom Brady is really unstoppable

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

If you couldn't already tell, I am one of those annoying die hard Boston fans who doesn't watch even 25 % of the games but you still can't tell me sh*t. A real rider like a woman to her man.

I believe Brady has tapped into an energy inside of him that every human being has the capability of tapping into. I truly believe he has reached what I believe is one of the final end points of a human being's journey when one wants to become their best self, at an early stage in his life where he still has the agility to keep up and even be better than men half his age. He truly understands that he is only competition with his self and it shows in his behavior. With this mindset, you can't lose. You see nothing around you, better yet you feel nothing around you but your internal flaws. Nothing but the thoughts that occurminside your head that limits you from advancing you in the direction you want to excel in. The journey is deep and enough to keep the competition limited to just one competitor: yourself.

I think we are going to know more of this story behind tom Brady's greatness decades from now when he's truly in retirement mode or after he passes on to the next life.

As a 6-time Super Bowl champ as of 2019, he is still showing Superbowl behavior on the field. He is settings new standards and paving a new way for others to be as great as him and last as long as him. Tom Brady can potentially be a serious gamechanger, not just a legend. The more we defy him, the more he looks into himself and his flaws (not us), and the more he evolves into a super being that we end up having to like, or dislike because he's too quiet about it and not giving us the secrets.

And that's how new standards arise in different areas of life. One person does something that someone else hasn't;t done and then does it over and over again like it's easy. Like human beings have reached anew height. We just might be bored if 1) thereIsn't another Tom Brady 2) the standards of the game doesn't improve and coincide with Tom Brady's evolution as a player in the game. Those who understand that it's not just about who beats what team, but about beating yourself -- real life evolution, show the Patriots and Brady respect.