• Bianca Rose

Starting to travel solo saved my life at the age of 18

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Most people know this about me already, I love to live my life! Life is hard AF when you’re constantly working on being a better person (and dealing with those that don’t want to), no doubt about it, so to bring balance, I live my life to the fullest! With my peoples that love to do the same!

I started traveling on my own at 18, starting with Jamaica a couple of times per year and other affordable Caribbean countries before taking it to Europe and beyond. People used to ask how I could afford it. It was easy. 1) Instead of spending $300 on Jordans like my peers, I'd buy a round trip ticket to somewhere close ($500 for flight + 2 nights in PR or Mexico was a thing back then). I was never pressed and caught up in materialism and there’s no one in the world I was trying to impress besides probably a couple naygas lol, who in turn only cared about my character. I had no sugar daddies!  2) I didn't have expenses that weighed me down like a car, didn't find the need to if living in Boston/NYC. Those two simple things can save you a lot of money. And don't get me wrong, I still like and have nice things but I value exploring the world over these things, I never cared what people thought, still don't.

I knew that this was something I wouldn't regret when thinking of 40-year old Bianca looking back at her past. I take these things very seriously.

We only got one life, you can’t spend most of it caring about what people think when there’s a whole world out here! If you're into traveling, head over to my blog. I wanted to create a different world for my passion for adventures and connect with those that share the same crave!

Traveling is important. You need to connect with other beating vibrations of the world other than yourself. In a world where positive vibes needs some major reparation, we need to be reminded that there is another level of frequency out there by simply traveling and seeing for ourselves! For some of us, depending on where we live, the people running your country might be psycho and you need to start familiarizing yourself with other places/peoples to know that humanity still has common sense, and love to give.