• Bianca Rose

Jamaica itself, is a separate frequency from the world

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

The way people live their lives in Jamaica is simple proof that there is another frequency that exists, higher than the one we're on right now in the US of A (though I'm sure where I'm currently at in Boston is significantly vibesier than other environments in America), Whatever that level of frequency is, they are on it. There are LOTS of vibes in everyday life, lots of movement in addition if you're in the city. People make the most vibes they can with their life regardless of their situation. For some, you wouldn't even believe they are poor because of their attitude. It makes you question what poor really means. If you've been to Jamaica and see the way the people live, you might already notice what I'm talking about. You can even see it as a tourist on a smaller scale.

From their unique characteristics, to having an abundance of pride, a distinctive strength in fearlessness, and a country that collectively loves to cook, play music, and party everyday, you feel the difference in vibrations more than you do any other place in the world. I haven't traveled all around the world yet, but I have been to a lot of places. My judgment comes off of both personal experience and the experience of others.

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