• Bianca Rose

Popcaan, the Bob Marley of dancehall

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

I think Popcaan is the Bob Marley of dancehall, if that’s a thing.

For dancehall male artists, the most common songs I hear are gun songs, love songs, dancing songs, party songs and general songs on the life struggle. Popcaan masters the party songs more than any artist I can think of. Of course, the genre of dancehall itself is a party. However, I feel like the types of lyrics Popcaan sings motivates you to live in the moment and have a good time. That's what Bob Marley did for his people as much as he sung the struggle songs. There was always a positive message at the end.

Popcaan is a prodigy of Vybz Kartel, who I would arguably say also masters party songs, he has mastered all the types of dancehall vibes. But, he also masters gun songs just as much if not more than the rest. So we slightly get more of a badman tone and less of a party tone from Vybz, giving Popcaan the the throne for the party vibe in dancehall. Which is right if he's the son of Addi.

Music is too much of an art for there to be only one perspective that makes sense. This is just my perspective. I love hearing other people thoughts on music because I learn something new every time and it often challenges me to rethink my perspective. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts!