• Bianca Rose

Tapping into your vibe deeper

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Every human being has a vibe: when you go around them you know it’s either going to be a positive situation or a negative situation. If your ego triumphs your Light/vibe, Houston—-we have a problem.

Another new year approaching, and while most people are fixated around getting shit done, I promised myself I would continue to put all of my heart in spreading the importance of positive vibrations. Before looks, before degrees, before money, your energy should be the first goal you want to master because it will dictate the rest of your life and this world does not teach us that. You have to figure it out on your own.

For the first quarter of my life I was an example to myself on how much a positive vibe can make a difference in my life, and in others’. Now God has forced me to level up and find creative ways to spread the awareness of the importance of it, beyond being an example of it so others can find this power to.

One of my secrets to maintaining a vibe: Do good, 24/7, not just when it benefits. If there was a way to do good while I sleep I would’ve been on it because I realize it’s the highest/happiest way of living. We each have a godly side and a devil side. I feed the godly side of myself and everyone else in my life. No tolerance for any less-than behavior. There is nobody who personally knows me that can tell you differently (if so let me know so I can remove them from my life). At some point when I was very young, I remember always having conversations with God in my room (cussing, negotiating, threatening), I didn’t tell anybody, I can’t even tell you why I started to do that. It got to a point where I started removing my ego from our conversations and started fearing God. I’ve been doing this for so long that I didn’t even realize this is how I live everyday.

2018 was THE year I really got to see people’s true colors including myself. I did not realize how much weight I was putting on my shoulders for so long. I did not realize how powerful I was. I was that busy being happy.

Can I just say \traveling is important. You need to connect with other beating vibrations of the world other than yourself. In a world where positive vibes needs some major reparation, we need to be reminded that there is another level of frequency out there by simply traveling and seeing for ourselves! For some of us, depending on where we live, the people running your country might be psycho and you need to start familiarizing yourself with other places/peoples to know that humanity still has common sense, and love to give.

I’ve found that the easiest people to vibe with are those who show care beyond one self and knows what it takes to overcome a struggle alone. Those who aren’t that easy end up making me a better leader. More VIBES. MORE LIFE.

When your vibe is fully activated, you allow messages from the Highest Power to clearly communicate!