• Bianca Rose

More black doctors + lawyers AHORA MISMO!

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

We need more black doctors and lawyers in the world. Honestly, I would say the same for every "type" of people. There needs to be a strong representation of doctors and lawyers for us to really believe in and assure fair care across the entire human race.

This is the only way we could count on us!

And by the way, those doctors could be holistic, not just medicinal!

We need more black doctors and lawyers. Period. I now have a better understanding as to why our parents wants us to be one or the other as we're growing up, our people need it. It is a very popular thing amongst African and Caribbean parents to annoy their children and push them into either becoming one or the other, I'm guessing because medical and lawful needs need to be met and you feel that more than ever in certain countries. As a means of a survival for a people, they're the only professions that matter.

This makes me appreciate the family and friends who have become doctors and lawyers even more. We need you. And we need you to influence more of us to become you! You are appreciated.

  • More black lawyers would mean more fair representation for black people in legal matters.

  • More black doctors would mean more fair healthcare for black people.

  • More black police officers would mean more fair judgement calls and overall a higher presence in predominantly black neighborhoods where communication could last longer (instead of immediate gunfire out of fear), a better approach to evolution; eliminating at least half of the bullshit that happens to black people from white police officers.