• Bianca Rose

Science can promote world peace

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

I'm into science. I do weird things like save as many thoughts and ideas as possible to connect all the dots later (this is a routine every few weeks). When I was little I used to take apart our house computer just to see if I could fix issues and put it back again. My life has always been like this. I love new discovering shit on on my own and I love coming up with new innovative ideas that make sense. I love putting visions into reality and most of all, I love when people are happy. So science and vibes are relative to me in ways I can't clearly explain out of my mouth yet. I can show it better through action.

​Life is science to me. I do not see color or any other characteristics that people use to divide the human race. I don’t see anything actually. I feel. I observe. I connect. In my world, vibes is what connects or disconnects me to another human being, as a result my circle of friends has always been colorful, older than me, and the connections tend to always produce something good. I strategically link with positive vibes to 1) better my quality of life 2) increase the frequency of the universe because energy is real.

I know I can find common ground with even the most hated on earth. I have the power to dig that deep. I am a supervise.

There are only 2 types of life to me, life that illicits negative vibrations and life that illicits positive vibrations; amongst humans, animals and plants. I will only discriminate against all for one reason, I refuse to deal with negative vibrations on any level, even the fucking birds gotta go if they try to make me unhappy, no one gets special treatment fucking with my soul. There’s no in between, it’s black and white for me, despite me not seeing color.

Because of my simplistic views on life, I have so much room on my brain to use my imagination and creativity. Life is simple to me, and I know that history repeats itself so I’m obsessed with discovering patterns and connecting things together to get to a win or a solution so I can move on to the next new idea that hasn’t been thought of yet. I really do believe we can use science to bring world peace.

Because of this very simplistic way of thinking, when it comes to the quality of my personal life I tend to stay happier (most of the time) because I either always do things I love, or I surround myself with positive and uplifting forms of life; either works! Beyond that, I notice patterns across all life (human, plant, animal, the universe) and this early state of awareness for me led me to take my life in a unique direction. While life was becoming mentally harder for my peers that tried to stick to what society wanted, my understanding on life remain unchanged in regards to the power of positive vibrations, and as a result, the only real problem that plagues my mind the most is attaining personal AND world peace. I think personal peace is the only thing that will create world peace. I realize that peoples problems often stem from the type of attitude they have. Next time you listen to someone talk about a problem, instead of focusing on the problem for that person, notice their attitude and vibe behind it all. You can tell how fast or slow they're going to overcome them.

P.S. I must say the combo of smoking ganja, parleying with like-minds and watching @spiritscience videos back to back to back for years WILL send you on a similar journey to the Buddha himself 📷 this is why I don’t have a bumboclaat memory anymore. I be in the future way too much (but it’s cool af to see what’s going to happen ahead of time sometimes) only returning back to reality when it’s time to pay bills!

I stick to the science of what happens when you link with positive vibrations (no matter the color, the shape, the whatever). I am a very simple person. Every single day when I wake up, I intentionally put out positive vibrations in the world and as a result, I am the conductor of who I want to be.

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